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July 29, 2009



Now, I heard that this was an edited version of what was originally a rather (more?) unflattering film. Anyone heard anything similar? Is that why it took 3 years to be released?

sassy fontaine

i've noticed that all the coverage that this "film" is getting - there are no interviews with the people who made the film like the director, producer, the editor, etc... wonder why? hmmm...


No celebrity makes sense. There's always something fake (boobs, voice, talent, reported age, etc) underpinning the image. It's the audience that's fucked.


I saw this was on last pm and decided I had better things to do with my time than watch it. I do wonder though what Paris will be doing in 10 years....


I also just find it really funny now it must have ether been on right before or after paris hilton's my new bff.

did you see that by the way? so boring. and kinda intense.


The film makers initally wanted to use the title "Paris is Burning 2: The STD Years" but the original film didn't want to have anything to do with her.

capitalist lobotomy

Rich why waste so many words and talent (you do have) on such a vacuous and boring subject?


I blame Madonna and her Truth Or Dare. She started it. But then, she did it better - the humorless sense of over-importance, the the gargantuan lack of self-awareness, the talking to a camera about how weird it is to always be on camera. Somehow, it was funny when she did it. I'll be genuinly surprised if Paris doesn't end up a thrice married drag queen pageant judge by the time she's 50.


I can't have a boy for a bff. WTF? Poor, poor Stephen.


i can't wait til it airs in canaanananada


I think "celebrity glaucoma" is an outstanding turn of a phrase, Rich.

Unfortunately, its metaphoric nature will be lost on the producers of VH1's inevitable new series Celebrity Glaucoma!.
(OTOH, watching Jeff Conaway stumble around bumping into things never gets old.)


Rich, I wrote a little retort yesterday to your review, because I don't think yours is very fair. Specifically the parts about Paris' contradictions (I disagree that she is always living in a "flux" state- she is human) and the Japanese fans:


The only thing that really bothered me throughout the whole documentary was that I kept going back to thinking "why did she make this documentary?" - and why it was released only now. There was something nudging me the whole time, that maybe this whole documentary is a bit of an act to change her "brand"- and that all the "real" parts are also acting. But in the end I decided to trust my intuition, and I really did feel like she was being genuine (or what is genuine for her) in lots of parts. Sure the documentary may have some ulterior motives, but I didn't see it all as acting. It's a bold move for you to call someone out as pure phony, and I just don't think it's fair. There's no such thing as pure 100% phony empty person.


Also, it gave me the chills in the end when her "disaster agent" or whatever the hell he's called said something like (paraphrasing), "This is all you, you have caused this" to the camera aka audience- "All of this, the paparazzi, the celebrities, Paris wouldn't be here if you didn't obsessively hunger for the idea of stardom" etc. That put me right in my place, because I DO fucking obsess over it and see fame as this glitzy glamorous higher state of being. It's sick, but it's true. I know it's not a new sentiment, but the way he said it was pretty intense and rang more true than usual.



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christmas tree

Thanks Mary! I remember that night like yesterday when they were all sitting in the dark with flashlights. Some how our kids turned out okay! Hahaha!

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A whole bunch of stores have already started with the Christmas displays here, too. What's up with that?

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There should be a middle ground somewhere, Alysa, between the crass commercialism we have in this country and the tight-assed ninnyness of the French - except for those in the North, of course. Carnaval looks to be similar to Fasching in Germany. Drink and be merry.

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