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July 24, 2009



Thank you for this. Really. I'm from South Florida, aka "the New Jersey of the South," and this brought back memories. I think this should be your profession.


P.S. Does "first" count if it's not an ANTM recap?


Hahah, I love doing the Cha Cha Slide. I have good memories of doing it during karaoke night while overseas.

Good to see that teen dance moves haven't changed. I seem to recall vividly doing those same awkward moves trying to be all sexy like while drunk. Pathetic, I know.

And since when did birthday cakes start looking like wedding cakes!?


Wow. That was practically my debut when I was 18. Similar music too. Man. That brings back memories.


Another kid came up while Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You" was playing, mimed shooting himself in the head and said, "Bad song! Bad song!"
hilarious!!!! and it is totally a great song too. he'll learn soon enough.


ever thought of a side career dj'ing sweet 16s and bar mitzvahs?


The Cha-Cha Slide was played at my cousin's wedding a few weeks ago (he's 22, same age as me)

Lolita Hazed

My Senior Dinner Dance this year was a lot like this. The DJ was PHENOMENAL and everyone was dancing, all the time.

I'm sure this was even better! Totally jealous of these kids.


'Music Sounds Better with you' and 'One More Time'...man that takes me back (and makes me feel old).


Wow, wow, wow! Thanks for the siphon..


It's particularly funny with the mute button on too. Give it a try. (No offense to the DJing, which I'm sure is awesome, but I can't turn the sound on or my boss will bust me, so I revel in the silent version.)


I recently witnessed a dance at a summer camp (teenaged campers) where I learned that kids these days no longer dance face-to-face, and the camp had instituted a new rule for dancing: no female dancing with a boy is allowed to bend at more than a 45 degree angle.

Miss Lisa

Lil Wayne makes the kids so happy. Look at 'em jump, shout and grind. Guess how old I am by the presents I got for my 16th: a pink-and-white striped tube top, Pink Floyd's "The Wall," and two perfectly rolled joints. Thanks for thinking of me, classy party guests!


what is the song around 1:03??


This generation's version of "Dirty Dancing" is miming doggie style? Boys don't want a touch of boob anymore? Interesting.


My first and only DJ gig was at my boyfriend's sister's wedding, and I basically just played pop music from an ipod amplified TERRIBLY. But similarily joyful. Man, getting the party moving is the best feeling.


That video just made my day. I can't even pick a favorite part between the girl with the broken ankle, blue-dress girl, the sausage fests and the bro flex-off...just amazing.


If I ever have kids, when they get to that age, I hope to God that doggy style dancing becomes their new passé. That shit made uncomfortable, in a gut busting sort of way.

And they're crazy about O.P.P. That song still pops into the soundtrack in my head, like, all the time.


It's so funny reading your observations on this because it's a realm that is so familiar to me as a teenager myself. I can hardly say that my "sweet 16" looked anything like this (I avoided having any sort of celebration because I didn't want people to know how old I was...heh), but the video definitely reminds me of the other dances I've been to. My favorite bit is the girl with the cast grinding up against some guy at around 22 seconds. Now there's a real trooper!


That may be the largest gathering of dudes in wife beaters I've seen in a LONG time.


wow. rich, i've loved you longtime and also loved the geist for at least as long. had no idea you two were in any kind of cahoots together. what a dream fantasy love boat for me. keep on rockin in the free world and i hope to one day convert to judaism so you can perform at my bat mitzvah. thank you sooo much for sharing & reaffirming what a beautiful small world this is.


Aimee- Apache (Jump On It)- Sugarhill Gang at 1.03

I love the make-out session to Birthday Sex- So glad that song made it in there. It is also the perfect prelude to the rhythmic stand-up thrust n' sway of Shawty Get Low.



You. Know. Morgan. Geist. So jealous.

Tony Ratliff

I love how I checked Facebook to find this before I actually came to FourFour, and I also love how I'm listening to "Soft Hoop" on my laptop, all as I'm reading this. That looks like any backyard barbecue I've ever had growing up...


i really got a laugh out of that video. takes me back to the high school dances.

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