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I loved Pygmy. I thought it was hilarious and just all around spiffy. If you get a chance, try the audiobook, because it is done really well.


I was tentative about Pygmy because I didn't enjoy Snuff very much, but I do love Palahniuk. This review gave me that needed prompt to procure it for myself, or at least borrow it from someone. Thanks, Rich!


Have you read "Everything Is Illuminated"? Top-notch in the ESL-humor department. I spent several days on the subway being that person cackling all alone (whether I had the book in front of me or not).

Josh D

God, I loved reading Pygmy.


I love ESL humor and I am so so about Chuck.

Instead - try Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer.

And of course, try Trainspotting. Not ESL, but it is nothing short of brilliant.

A Clockwork Orange isn't ESL either per se but of a similar vein.

Glad to see a book review on here Rich!


I just think that Palahniuk is trying to be shocking without any substance anymore.


Had to stretch the intellectual muscles after your recent Proust questionnaires? I don't blame you.


My partner and I have just both finished Pygmy, he loved it for the story, I have taught ESL students so parts were very familiar. However, we did both feel that he had run his original story through Babblefish into some Asian langauge and back again.

Finding out there is an Audio book version gives me ideas for Christmas Gifts now.


The book was interesting, but the ending was so unlike anything else he's ever written that I didn't care for it. This made me realize that all of his books are, at their core, very similar, and now I'm kinda...over it.

I've read them all, except for Snuff, which just seemed completely ridiculous.


Yes, sunny. Yes yes yes. I wish more people could see that.


Same boring themes as his other books. I'm mad! The world is stupid! Gah!

amber of

If it's too hard to read, someone should try the audio book. Paul Michael Garcia's narration is brilliant without being overdone.


I almost stopped reading but I am really happy i finished the book. It's sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than "snuff" and he almost lost me with that was stupid. But Pygmy is Chuck back in true form, although the ending was a bit of a let down....for a Chuck book. I have been re-reading everything Chuck since I finished this and all his books are so much better a second time around....especially Lullaby and Haunted. I'm sure some time in the future I will re-read Pygmy as well.


I second the recommendation of Everything is Illuminated for it's ESL humor.


This book was absolutely hilarious!!

You were right, however, to mention how difficult the language is- but give 'Pygmy' a chance! reading the desxcriptions of american life through the eyes of this little terrorist was the best!

BTW, my heart dropped at his description of his parents' reaction to seeing him marching with the other operatives...if I were not a cold-hearted bitch I would have almost cried at this moment.

Alas, I am too much the cold-hearted bitch


Miss Kitty

Wow. I can't wait to read this. Thanks for the heads-up.

Tender B

The spelling bee scene is one of the funniest things I've ever read.

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This was the scariest story to me!!! I would run out of the room rather than hear it re-told, that caused trouble when it was my classroom I was running out of. I was afraid I'd dream about it, a fear I had about pretty much everything as a child...
Well told.
Happy Halloween!


in a collection cealld Stranger Than Fiction. I find his writing difficult to stomach all the way around for its brutality. I find him more shock jock than talented writer. Maybe that's his talent being shocking but it doesn't blow my proverbial skirt up.

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