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July 20, 2009



...and this is why you are going to be rich and famous one day. Very funny, Rich.

Love this blog header, btw.




woooow, great job. lol I wish lindsay could watch this.

The UC

That was actually pretty hilarious. I couldn't stomach more than five minutes of that film. Kudos to you.


This is why youre hot.

Jen - The Alien Spouse

Rich, how do you do it? How do you make me want to see a recent Lohan movie?



Dr Josh

I love Rich. I love fourfour. I love Winston.

I think Rich is hilarious.

My partner in crime, Kidcraig, and I do an internet radio show that you might find funny if you like this blog.

If you want to try something new, here are the details:

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Hopefully you'll check it out.

I love Rich!

Dr Josh


You know, I can't find it in my heart to slam poor Linds these days. I defy you to go back and watch Mean Girls or Freaky Friday. That kid was going somewhere. In all sincerity, I really wish she'd turn this around. Admit it, your heart swelled when Britney released Circus.


Awesome demonstration, Rich, of how "art" imitates life.


oh rich, only you! so perfect! so brilliant! i'm so glad you're not going to stop anytime soon! genius. :)




Ooooooooo, Chris Parnell, how far you have fallen.........starring in a movie with LINDSAY.


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THAT, was just pure brilliance.


This video would be a lot better if the pop up video sounds weren't deafening loud and the clips barely audible.

London Marriott

Awesome sauce!


Truly inspired. Bravo.


Excellent. I'm a new fan of your blog, now.



Although I'm now wondering about the original movie - how can you keep a job by faking a pregnancy? Isn't it always and without exception the other way around - you have to hide the pregnancy not to be canned instantly, especially in a "right to work" (ie. right to be fired without notice or reason) state?


Ah-maz-ing. But I agree with Monica - the volume balance is a little off between the "pop" sounds and the clips. Other than that, This. Is. Genius.

I don't feel at all bad for Lindsay, she dug this hole all on her own. Britney was clearly having mental and emotional problems when she had her breakdown, hence, I was rooting for her to turn it around. Lindsay has been in and out and in and out of rehab, and mostly "out" at that. People have tried to help her and she's pushed them away - I'd say she deserves to reap the benefits of all her hard "work."


Hahaha I LOVE YOU!! Positively brilliant!




This just almost made the fact that I actually watched this crapfest worth it!

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I don't know. Lindsay Lohan has so may movies and years of career. But I honestly don't think that she acts at all. She's just a pretty face and hot bodie!

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