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She is a crazy chick, her movies are very goos, plus she is one hottylicious woman, hope she can get her life back together so we can enjoy more movies of her.

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Well what can i say, that's why I don't care about famous people, their lives are so shit and boring that I can't believe people are interested in this...

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This is so very inspirational and educational. And I just smiled when I saw the photo of you with your book at the end of this marvelous piece! Thank you for sharing this!!! And many congratulations to you! Rated with admiration.

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Great story and insight! I am in the beginning of my second career, and beginning to wonder what my third career might be. Teaching, writing, traveling? I don't know, but I am glad I have such a role model to inspire me.

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People have tried to help her and she's pushed them away - I'd say she deserves to reap the benefits of all her hard "work."

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