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July 07, 2009


Jiri Hämäläinen

I love thse videos.. The sandra's journey part made me laugh


Comparing Sandra to the stages of death GENIUS!!!!


Loves the Brandy cameo. And the "America's Next Best Friend" reference--shoutout to Jade! (Although girlfriend clearly does not know her ANTM history. Because she would then know that no one can compare to Jade, ever.)


Maybe you've already seen this, but your original video inspired this shirt:


Ironically (maybe?) everyone on Paris Hilton's New Best Friend IS there to make friends. With Paris. She wins again.


Thank you. So much.


Totally awesome. If a little sad.

Dandy Darkly

"I'm not here to make friends" is the "To be, or not to be" which all aspiring breakout reality actors must get on their reel.

At first what seemed cliche, now strikes me as utterly necessary in this genre. I wonder if the teachers at LA's strip mall master classes for reality television hopefuls stress the importance of these six little words, or suggest you shy away from them when infront of a reality tv camera crew?

Dandy Darkly

Oooooh ominous ending with Meghan... Where's she been all this time?

Chris Johnson

They say "I'm not here to make friends." but they really mean "I don't know how to make friends." They usually get what I like to call the "sociopath edit".


On my daily internet rounds, I check Huffington Post before fourfour - and I was surprised to see this video on their site first! Hilarious as always :)


What they are saying: "I am not here to make friends"

What they are thinking: "I am here to suck the teet of televison!!Fuck everyone else!"


Two other pervasive phrases of reality television: "At the end of the day..." and various versions "I'm not trying to throw anyone under the bus here."

One day, someone will say "At the end of the day, I'm not trying to throw anyone under the bus but I'm not here to make friends. I'm here for ______" and the entire realitytv-verse will implode.


What an eye-opener. I hardly watch tv and now I know why. There's so much shallowness and superficiality out there.

I think it actually makes someone a more beautiful person inside if they are kind and care about others' well being. I understand the nature of some businesses discourages that but selfishness sure makes a bunch of good looking people ugly!

I liked those who appreciated the kinship at least, even if not until the end.


Yes, this made my day. I am especially grateful for the Paris Hilton BFF sections, where they had to qualify their, "I'm not here to make friends" with "...except Paris".


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Who would have thought you and Megan came together to "make friends"?


How ironic that the day you post this, David on BFF says he isn't there to make friends. (except with Paris)


Or rather, how fitting.


Rich, if I end up on my deathbed unhappy and friendless, this catchphrase will come in SO HANDY!


Oh good lord. Someone at manhunt of all places ganked this from your youtube page and posted it on manhuntdaily.com.

I never really associated Rich with gratuitious cock pictures and articles about sexual positions, but now I can't NOT associate the two...lol!

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You know, now that I think of it, they should just make a show where literally the entire point is to make friends with the other contestants. I bet people COULD NOT DO IT. And by people I mean reality show contestants, who are not real people.


Love. It.


fantastic as was last years!!! (as is your cat)

greetings from greece

ps. i'd really love to see one about "throwing under the bus"

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