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July 21, 2009



It looked like she was the only one fighting.


This is the best!! She looks like she's the only one fighting because that's how straight white guys fight, refusing to participate.


Best. Dancing. Ever.


He must have done something BAD. He has that total look of shame guys get when they've screwed up royally & know it, and are just waiting out their girl's rant hoping she gets over it before he loses his cool and yells back.

On the plus side, crazy lady dancing looks exactly like my redneck next door neighbor. I'll never see her the same way again. Love the way she seductively lifts her shirt for a peek. Hilarious.

Nice juxtaposing.

Vanessa M

I went to see Billy Squier on Friday night (don't judge. That man still rocks. Plus, the tix were free.) I saw an awesome girl fist fight during poor John Waite's set. Then on the way out, I saw a fairly large girl posing for pix with her shirt over her head. I thought I was back in the South. Beer Island is a state of mind.

The laughter (and/or hysterical weeping) in the background at the end really complete it for me.

(two Vanessa's I see. Hello V.)


i need to visit this island ASAP


Vanessa M. -the redneck neighbor I'm referring to in the above post is down here in the South. I'm a NY girl who has been transplanted, so I never got used to the redneck vibe from the people next door. It comforts me to see it in video shot in NY too.

I still *heart* Billy Squier.


Born Slippy is an amazing track.

maria c

When I see things like this, it reminds me how awesome life can be.


this video is, quite simply put, fabulous. although i hope never to be a bitchy girlfriend who is too wrapped up in arguing with her boyfriend to notice/have the will to ignore that magnificent drunk powerdancer.


That dancing lady is my goal. Ahh, to be that chill.


Were you at one of my family gatherings? That about sums it up, though it's missing alot more drinking.

dinah shore

Beer Island seems to bring out the best in people.

Miss Lisa

Nobody got punched in the face so it looks like a pretty good time was had by most. I'm going to try and work on my posture next time I'm fighting with my significant other, so I don't get angry-girl hunchback syndrome.


Fabulous. Second view here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv99VKHDYwQ

katie may



All I could think of was this song from Kenan Bell that has the line "Joy & Pain, Joy & Pain" over and over again. If I had the skillz I'd slow the video down and put that music in.



Oh this is going viral so fast. Joy and Pain indeed.


PRICELESS!almost like a crazy person talking to themselves on the street while you are doing something serious



Vanessa H

Hi Vanessa M! For most of the 70s and 80s I was the only Vanessa I ever knew so I started thinking I didn't have to identify myself further. Very self centered of me.

Oh, and the white girl angry hunchback is a direct result of the white boy argument withdrawal. He keeps pulling away and she keeps moving forward. It's so classic.


The contrast is just slightly fabulous. I love the music, the hyperactive white girl bitching out the guy (probably for his outfit) and the fact that there are all these tables just kickin it in gravel. Oh, and the dancing "hippie".


Excellent. All of it.

Vanessa M

Vanessa H-

Hi! When I was a child, I too thought I was the only one. My parents once went on vacation and came back telling me they met another Vanessa (maybe it was you?) I thought they were lying. I truly had no conception of another one being possible. I grew up in semi-rural Kentucky where the name is not common.

No matter where we are Vicki, Beer Island is unfortunately bared midriff away. Ahh, unity.

You are right to still heart Billy. I would still do him. Fact!


I lived in a town with about 1000 Vanessas. Nothing special.

-straight whiteboy


my friends and i saw this same fight going down in this same place on beer island (minus the awesome dancing) at 11pm. we were just watching the show. at one point she took his phone and was really unhappy about someone he had been communicating with. oh man. INTENSE. then they left together.

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