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July 01, 2009


John R

It's different. It's different every night. Did I mention that it's different?

John R

They had to discontinue manufacturing shoulder-less womens oxfords because they were somehow making girls into pathological liars...strange but true!


OH MY GOD! The scary thing is that when I graduated from high school in 1997, these fashions were still going strong in my small connecticut hell hole of a town! That's really disturbing.

The guy in the second picture looks incredibly fuckable though lol!


The middle girl around 2:50=Dina from Real Housewives NJ....?

Also, I love the girl who puts people in the hospital every other week. I might hire her as my bodyguard. Hope she's still in business.


omg, growing up in the bronx, my family & i used to go to wildwood every summer for vacation. i cant tell you how freaking spot on this is. its my childhood, my teen years, my heritage. i mocked those guidettes then. i almost miss them now XD


Apparently Wildwood, NJ and Pittsburgh, PA exist inside the exact same time warp. 17 years later and some of the gals in the 'Burgh are still rocking giant plastic earrings, tube tops and daisy dukes made from mom jeans, and big, BIG hair! Le sigh. I miss home.


"I'm going to be with her the rest of the summer."

Wow. Way to go out on a limb and commit there dude. :/


Oh god one of those girls in the screenshots looks exactly like my cousin when she was younger...come to think of it she would be the right age.....except we're not from Jersey so I'm guessing it's not her. I don't know if I'm sad or relieved.


That's one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Puts the K right in Klassy.


Tee hee, John R called it - that girl is sooo lying about putting another girl in the hospital, and in the first scene her friend is just dying to call her out on it (I totally wish she had).


Was this shot in the 90's or the 80's? Hard to tell. All of these people scared me, except for the first dude with the Beeker hair. Cute. That shoulderless girl is a one-woman boardwalk hit squad and also? Dave IS a motherfucker for not high-tailing it to the payphone.


This is giving me serious wardrobe flashbacks. Oh, quelle horreur!

A to the MCD

I am from Jersey and went to the S. Jersey Shore growing up, but my parents wouldn't let us leave our safe haven of Avalon to go to Wildwood... clearly this is why. Not all of NJ is like this though; Wildwood and Seaside Heights are like whole societies of hairspray worshiping savages...



that girl "look at these faces" is dina from housewives


Oh geez, total nostalgia trip. My sister, my mother and I used to take the trek from our apartment in NYC to Wildwood every summer for a week to go to a family reunion. Our italian-american family was mostly from Long Island and NJ and to them this was just another week at the beach but to us it was total culture clash and I still remember how shocked we could be year after year at the things we saw.


Wow... That video was like a mini high school reunion for me. Those girls were pretty much every female I knew as a teenager.


Please tell us, where can we find this movie?!


FYI: You can order this movie from the filmmaker, Ruth Leitman. Contact her at: [email protected]

Her website (which lists more of her amazing films!) is http://www.ruthlessfilms.com



I love how that girl is slowly embellishing how she beats people up... and when the interviewer gives her the chance... she takes it further, and further. She killed someone????... Yeah, OK.

I love the herringbone necklace... the fact that that one chicks 'boyfriend won't let her fight anymore' (damn, he must really love her...)The chick who is just barely coherent.... 'it's different... it's different... it's just, everyday... it's different...' This is classic. Thanks for putting me on to it!


Most of the women there reminded me of Mexican woman here in CA, same attitudes, same criminal records. God it makes me miss my aunts.


this is a modern day classic. i need this documentary in my life. and i seriously need to visit jersey again, its been way too long.

fav part is when the 3 girls are talking shit about the guys who are like, right behind them and can see and hear them. <3


rich! i love this. i'm from south jersey and all this rings so true. thanks for being awesome and finding this


I really love this! Thank you so much for telling us about it! Have you seen American Hollow? It is about a group of families living in a really remote place in Kentucky. It is worth watching.

Henry Evil

Growing up in Toronto in the late 90s, I have no frame of reference for this kind of culture. I guess Welcome To The Dollhouse is the closest thing. Being made in 1992, this doc isn't exactly historical, but it still feels like observing a culture so heavily anchored in the distant past.


you nailed it when you described them as knowing they're funny, but not realizing they're hilarious. my favorite part was the chick talking about the mom who had her brows drawn on.

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