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Wow. Just wow. I feel the need to draw my brows on, slip into a tube top and kick some ASS.

Rich, you are fount of cultural reference.

Thank you.

Happy Independence Day!!




Oh my gosh, Linda and Mer, I though the EXACT same thing, her laugh even sounds the same... The only problem: she's 38 now, which would put her at 21 in 1992, and the girl in the vid. doesn't look 21...

The chick whose boyfriend wouldn't let her get into any more fights - I WANT HER HAIR. OMG.

Sad, but true.

Also, the second to last picture is DJ Tanner. Fer Reals.

Bridget O'Neill

excellent! You would like my Wildwood photo series. This is so spot-on. I connected your link from my blogspot, as most recent post is about Wildwood as well, but it's focuses on it's time-stands-still architecture! Hope you like. Im ordering the movie this week form Ruthless films! PS. LOVED your confederate flag series! How did you NOT circle the one that read: Get er done;? yikes! The South lives on and strong in Jersey and Philly. I should know, I escaped years ago. Great content on your blog, Im hooked! Bridget

Andy S. aka 'O'

the girl wearing that looks cute too!

also, it's different every night.



we always went to my cousins' in Margate, but i remember going to Wildwood one year. crazy bitches and the Jersey shore? i live for this shit.

a to the mcd

I got a response from the director in regards to the doc. She said that one of the Housewife of NJ is in it!


from nj and abroad with some americans who have apparently never been and i've been trying to explain to them what new jersey is like for the past two years. i now finally have everything i could possibly need.


the major problem with Wildwood was all the trashy New Yorkers who came down because there were no beach fees....


Love ya dude, but this isn't feminism.


Those were the days!


Please, please, please...let's have a follow-up "Where Are They Now" DVD to be released soon


OMG you just gave me a moving diary of my childhood. Those dreams i had to grow up & work down there in the summers, what a trip, I keep waiting to see myself, i had to buy the video. Thanks for doing this!!


I was in fourth grade in 1992. All of my babysitters looked like this. I thought they were the COOLEST. Especially when they'd let me try on their blue eyeshadow. (Fist pump)


Ah, the cropped sweater. When it's cold enough to wear a sweater and yet warm enough to bear your abs. Who can't relate?


BARE your abs. Good grief.


Oh dear me. After a really hard day, seeing this, made it all better. Memories of Wildwood after Prom. Oh the big hair ... the crazy Jersey kids, wouldn't give it up for the world.


Oh My God. The girl in the sixth picture down. I HAD THAT SHIRT! In 1992 & I was in 10th grade. I think I bought it at Merry Go Round...and I wore it with my Z Cavaricci jeans and I only wish I was joking about this!!


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awesome. just bought a copy. thanks, rich.


This needs to be sent to John Waters IMMEDIATELY.


if you think wildwood is bad you should visit seaside heights nj. believe me. i live here


my favorite moment of the posted clips had to be when that girl with shoulder holes in her shirt was like, "yeah, i put her in the hospital," and the cool girl in the leather jacket was giving her this look like, "wtf, who ARE you, get away from me!"


Sigh, I grew up in Wildwood and still live here. At least I was 8 when this movie was filmed, so no surprise cameos.

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