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July 01, 2009



Wow, I have not been to Wildwood in...11 years, when I graduated from high school and my friends and I camped there for a week.

I gotta go back! Even though it will never be the same without Dracula's Castle. Rotten kids.


I was planning to comment this on your other entry (the one that linked to the photo album of that amazing beyond amazing Storybook Land thing) but then I realized it's well over a year old, so I'll write it here. I looked through the album (and loved the cheesiness of it all) but especially loved the (seriously outdated) pictorial of the Presidents of our country. More than that, I loved your caption about your mother having an affair with Taft. Your Simpsons references make life so much better.


Confession: I'm a BENNY and so is my husband. We both watched this and had horrifying flashbacks to grade-school family summer vacations. My older South Jersey cousins used to/continue to dress, style and speak in this manner. It reaffirmed our shared belief that the Mason/Dixon line should be re-drawn at Toms River. Also, we need to own this video.


Oh lord, the clothes! The hair! The cut outs! This was in the 90's? It feels so 80's to me... although I hope I was never quite THAT bad, I do remember practically living in Issey Miyake clothes in the late 80s and he was extremely popular in the 90s... ah, memories.

The clips were hilarious. Thanks for the laugh Rich! :)

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aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh i have to go on a horrifying trashy family reunion here every year rich!!!!

i got back a couple of days ago - it is like you are in my head. Soooo creepy - wildwood i mean.


along with the above poster - your storybook land posting is something i remember even now it amused me so greatly.

it was one of the best photo captioning work i have ever read.

your sense of humor really brightens a series of crappy crappy days. bless you and your space alien cat.


I think I went to high school with the entire cast.


If people realized how true this documentary actually is, they may fling themselves off a building. Some of these people obviously need talk show counseling. I suggest the networks revive "The Jenny Jones Show" and we get updates on what all these people are doing today!


This reminds me of Scarborough Ontario when I was in high school. We called the big hair small brained girls and boys Ginas and Ginos. I almost miss them -- except they were dumber than dogshit and it was impossible to have a conversation with any of them unless it was about hair products or fighting.


Could we organize a screening of this somewhere this summer? It's amazing.



"And you've always got.. THE CHECK, TO CASH"

I will always point at my female friends vajeens, and remind them about their checks, they've yet to cash - unless they have of course.

wow. Wow. WOW. Love it.


Please, I need to this film in its entirety... NOW. How can I get a copy?


Ummmmm....Dina from the Real Housewives of New Jersey is 38, which would have made her 21 in 1992, and the girl in the center of the "look at these faces" girls seems a lot younger than that...

maria c

Rich, you need to get a copy of the book 'Teenage', by Joseph Szabo. It's a fantastic photography book taken from the same era.


Does the woman in the last screencap talk at all? And does she have a dutch accent? If so she is one of my aunts - Annemarie or Marieanne - twins, as it were.


Wow to the most viral thing of the day...this was emailed to me from people who saw it on Best Week Ever, Buzzfeed, and about a million other places. Rich you are always the most awesome.


hahahahahah I just remembered...

"watch the tram car please...wat wat watch the tram car please.."


Jersey girl here, too. I moved out in my early twenties (:gasp: ten years ago?!) and when I go back I still see glimmers of this attitude still alive and well (minus the scrunchies). Embarrassingly enough, in my own flesh and blood relatives. Might I suggest you visit Keansburg on A summer's weekend?


Wow, Rich. Thanks for keeping this kind of content close by. In my book, "you've always got the check to cash, no matter which way you look at it."

april zalusky

Im the chick re; eyebrows and its hysterical to see this all these years later. I did see the full length version back in 94 so i would look forward to ordering that copy when it comes up on the website.


This is hilarious. Wildwood is so trashy; everyone who grew up near the South Jersey shore knows that most of the people you find in Wildwood are actually Philadelphia residents. Those accents you're hearing, oh yeah, they're straight out of Port Richmond/Fishtown. In fact, they sound just like my next door neighbors!

scottm - Wildwood High School Class of '93

Wildwood in the late 80's/early 90's was truly a place all to its own. Fact is, we just played host. These people are actually from Philly and North Jersey. The locals are far more civilized.


I mean this in the BEST way, but I thought of you (and my real life friend Rich from NJ) when I first saw this...


How true about the striped tube top being the classy alternative to the other outfits.

BTW - after I originally saw this here, I saw it on Dlisted today. It was linked from here to Jezebel to "The Doree Chronicles" to Buzzfeed to Best Week Ever and then to Dlisted, which I thought was an amazing example of the internet's indifference towards primary sources.

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