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August 31, 2009



Please tell me you got her autograph.


I'm trying to get the visualy, but I'm lost on 'Regal vest.' Is this a NY-centric thing, or am I just oblivious?


yo sup dawg i herd u like trailers so i put a trailer in ur trailer so you can trailer while u trailer.


this is absolutely why i love your blog


I know exactly the Regal employee you mean and she is fucking amazing.

Chantal Goya

Rich, why do you like watching so much crap in the theatres? As if that GI Joe movie didn't look like it was going to suck just by the trailer! Stop throwing money at the problem.


You know what's scary about Pizza Hut breadsticks? I saw them making some for my order and they use industrial-grade (plain white can) garlic flavored cooking spray! All they do is take them out of the oven, give them a spray of garlic Pam and sprinkle their seasoning on top. I think I'll stay away from those next time.


You notice the weirdness and details, I love it.

BTW, If this took place last night, I might have seen your couple. I was on line in the express lane at the Union Sq Whole Foods around 9:30pm, and they was doing some major PDA. Mind you there about 100 people packed tightly around them. So, they're full on making out, groping, ect., and then he actually had to "adjust" himself. I was totally gagging. To make things worse all they bought was 3 gallons of water. (?)


i love that woman! She always runs into the ladies room, which back in the day was a DISASTER (I once found a toilet seat ripped off the toilet, an empty bottle of $4 vodka and a pregnancy test all in one stall)

She's great. She'll run into the ladies room and wish us all a great day, hope we enjoy our movie and makes a situation that is suicide inducing - movies in multiplexes - enjoyable.


I see that lady every time I go to that theater. The last time I was there waiting in line for Inglourious Basterds she was chatting us up and went into a very detailed explanation of the United Artists/Regal merger. As we were walking into the theater I told her I loved her and she hugged me. Made my summer.


I'm still laughing at the Regal Beagle.


Your blog remains my favorite for posts like this.

You rock, but you already knew that!


Ughhh I've been reading fourfour for about six months now and after multiple lols in this post I simply had to comment saying how much I love you! Your writing and perspective on culture and the people that surround us reminds me so much of the way that I think, and I love knowing that none of it escapes your quick mind. Bravo-- and keep random stories like this one coming, cuz it's just so goddamn entertaining.


That sounds freaking miserable.
I can't stand going to the movies any more. Even going to the fancy places out here in LA, I rarely enjoy this "experience". I'm usually surrounded by people wanting to hang out and socialize, rather than who are there to watch a movie.

Glad (?) to hear others are suffering too LOL!


I definitely know that woman!! She is always there and whenever there's a long line for something she goes up and down the line talking to everyone. It is AWKWARD.


You have got to love someone that loves their job when you hate your own...I must go see this woman an make her a tourist attraction for all to come to NY and see. Does she not have a name tag?


"yo sup dawg i herd u like trailers so i put a trailer in ur trailer so you can trailer while u trailer."

LOL, I was thinking the same thing!


Hey Rich, longtime reader firsttime poster. I wanted to show you this vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0YvrrPxdyE

it's by Neil Goldberg, "She's A Talker"



She's A Talker

first-time poster?


Hey Hugh: What's w. the "longtime reader, first time poster"? Are you calling into Bruce Williams' TalkNet? I never understood why people do that.


is this better?
"Ughhh I've been reading fourfour for about six months now and after multiple lols in this post I simply had to comment saying how much I love you!" but yeah, that's what I was going for, the talk radio caller. I like terseness, and cliche. I'm not a talker


A Regal Cinema is the only place I have ever heard someone say, in complete seriousness, "You wanna take this outside?"

Yes, a brawl broke out during my viewing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and yes, both participants were there with children.

It was infinitely more interesting than the movie.



When I saw Star Trek she had on Spock ears and welcomed us to Star Fleet while we waited online. She went on and on for 20 minutes about what space was like.

Truthfully, when she's NOT at Union Square, I feel like I didn't get my money's worth.

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