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August 20, 2009



The one and only question that remains, then, is: would you hit it? I sho as hell wouldn't...


"I'll fuck you till you love me, faggot." ended up as the theme to the Valentine's day card I made for my boyfriend 2 years ago. I be romantic.


"I'll eat your asshole alive, you little bitch" yikes, mike way to threaten someone with a good time


I think he meant to add "no homo" afterward.


Completely unrelated, but I thought of you instantly when I saw this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnZhi5gaX8g


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He's not so bad, he just wants to have people love him... even if that means he has to fuck them and eat their assholes.


He's not so bad. He just wants people to love him... even if that means he has to fuck them or eat their assholes.


AHHH! I love the new Ponyo banner! :D


Was this a prison "her?" Because it really could have been fellatio, of a sort.


Uh, WOW. It starts out kind of like, "I'll prove I'm more of a man, and you're a bitch" but he goes into such... detail!

I think there's two things at play here. One, Tyson spent at least 3 years in jail that I know of. I'm not saying he fucked anyone (I have no idea), but would you be surprised? And in any case, he was definitely in an environment with lots of prison sex, I'm assuming a fair amount non-consensual. Two, Tyson converted to Islam, and in the Muslim tradition, whoever is the top or is receiving a blowjob is still "a man" (as a Muslim dude explained to me once) and the other guy is the gay one - basically, whoever is being penetrated is the gay guy, especially if they're enjoying it. So that thinking is something Tyson would likely be familiar with. In this sense, that he would bring pleasure to someone by fucking them to ecstasy and eating their ass only makes them MORE gay, which fits in with his slurs.

I can say that while I completely loathe the thinking behind this, I kind of wish the particular format of the insult would take off. Instead of the unimaginative "Fuck you", people could be like, "Yo, I am going to tenderly lick your balls before I deep-throat you until you jizz all over my face." Ohhh, someone got served!


OMG JJ, your "Yo, I am going to tenderly lick your balls before I deep-throat you until you jizz all over my face" statement was almost on par with the creativity and hilarity of any fourfour standard. In other words, pants peed. Well done!


:lol @ the muslim tradition quote. Dude, that muslim guy who fucked you is just playing with your head.

Mike Tyson is a guy's guy. I doubt anyone who meets one would not fall in love instantly, and sometimes what no homo means is just I'd suck your dick, but it's out of admiration.


Ick. He sounds gayer than I do.

Vanessa M

I put her on the sink and started to perform fellatio and then I thought, "Wait, this chick looks just like that guy whose asshole I offered to eat alive at the Lennox Lewis press conference. Also, she has a penis."


I think he is not bad so much . He just wants people talk about him and like him. He always sound great.

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