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August 05, 2009



That 'David' montage is the highlight of my day, and music to my ears.


I did love Stephen and I couldn't believe that I got so emotionally invested in it because of him! Great collage btw!


Stephen was a grower.. (not literally), he bugged, and even tho his mouth and the way he spoke was just one of those things that grated my nerves he did end up seemingly sweet and nurturing. When he was booted, I felt bad and he probably had one of the most genuine responses that he may have actually joined a cheap reality show to simply be Paris' BFF, no strings attached.

If he had ulterior motives, he hid them well.


I can't believe you have not mentioned the ridiculous caricature that was Nicole. From her high pitched "LOVE YOU GORGEOUS" to her serial killer smiles & stares. I would have LOVED to see a montage clip of her insanity.

Also, was I the only one that noticed Tiniecia's uncoordinated blinks? Right would shut, then as it was opening the left would shut. Not that I watched the show that closely or anything...

Bobby Pens

Because I too was emotionally invested in Steven, I'm convinced that Paris getting rid of Steven was just a ploy to see how genuine he was about their friendship. And once she saw that he was still sweet as pie, she knew she could trust him. But I read books and stuff, so it's not like I've thought about this long since he was kicked off or anything.


Damnit Rich, you got me addicted to this extremely guilty pleasure!!! Oh well, I'll take a good reality show when I can get it.


TEAM STEAPHANIEEE!!!!! No seriously, David was hot, even though he danced like a stereotypical straight guy.


I think the show should have had a twist where Paris revealed in the final episode that she was actually picking a BFF for... PEREZ Hilton. We might have gotten to see our very first on-air reality show suicide.

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Seriously, Paris new shemale friend makes her looks like a stupid hag fag. I hate Paris and her horrid voice.

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A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.

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I don't think that she smells bad. I don't have problem to let her know if she smells bad.

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A lovely story that moved me very much. A big hug from Austin, for all our grandmothers.

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A lovely story that moved me very much. A big hug from Austin, for all our grandmothers.

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Thank you for this. I trust various internet sources, including reporters like you who post at OS, more than I do mainstream media to report an accurate picture of what is happening with this movement. Rated.

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