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August 19, 2009



Plus her twenty days in the Celebrity Big Brother house were AMAZING. God bless her.


I love that she acknowledged that there was even a chance her and Michael were the same person because I was born in the late 80's and I still wonder sometimes.


I found a dog-eared copy of this book in 1999 discarded on a coffeeshop bookshelf, and I read it cover to cover. Thank you SO MUCH for bringing more light to this precious, hysterical bit of pop culture ephemera.


Another good Jackson read is Margaret Maldonado's book, Jackson Family Values. Not that I believe it all 100% but it's a funny/sad read. And Jermaine is just weird. Margaret basically said he ogled his sister's Playboy spread, among other scandalous things.


From their reaction, you'd have thought I was passing out gold bouillon."
Did you make a typo, or is LaToya genuinely confusing bullion with bouillon?
I love the idea of gold bouillon. Those poor Russians just want some hot metallic soup.
It's so warming!


lip-synching something totally off-key is so depressing


I love the weave shaking goodness of the gifs.

also I read that michael jackson book about his crimes-Be Careful Who You Love-which I got for my roommate for, like, a dollar at Borders. Yep. I wonder how much it's worth now?


I too am obsessed with Michael Jackson's death. Can't figure out why either. All except for Janet & his mom, are true publicity and money seekers. I find it disgusting how they're trying to play anything and everything for money. Jermaine has just been riding around on Michael's coattails, which are very long these days. I just want to hear the autopsy report, and have some finality to this.

BTW, if you got an e-mail from me, it was really from the rescued cat. She is in love with my computer and has figured out how to control the sound, brightness, and, apparently, how to e-mail!


I remember reading this book in the 11th grade upon its initial release (I must've been the gayest thing EVER, I know). I loved it. I sort of have a soft spot for LaToya because I always like the underdog, and because I LOVE "You're Gonna Get Rocked" (the song and video) despite its inherent awfulness. Hey, Full Force produced it so it can't be all bad...


"La Toya's fascinated me for a while now. She's a three-legged dog in a family of champion racers."

Pure genius! As always.


Those LaToya gif.s are making my life right now.


Rich, you are hilarious and I love your blog so much. This is my favorite post. I would definitely buy your annotated edition of this book.


I think you will like this:


post it if you like it!


Oh, Latoya...goodness.


After reading this post I went to the library immediately and picked up the book! Loving it so far!


Oh my god, I took this book out from the library when I was 11 or 12 and my speech for my elementary school's public speaking contest was on the Jackson family (and was based primarily on this book). I don't usually read this kind of stuff, then or now, so its kind of weird, I had almost forgot about it, but seeing that creepy cover photo brought me right back!


Ah this book is amazing! I like the picture of her posing with the phone and gazing out the window, wishing she could call her siblings and just cry, cry, cry.


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She looks so pretty on the Dohahue clip! Must have been before she went overboard on the plastic surgery.

A Facebook User

Oh, goodness. She looks like Bellatrix Lestrange and talks like Prairie Dawn..

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Hes never interested me at all, ever I just don't see the big thrill.

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