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August 04, 2009



OMG thank you for making a youtube of the email scene, i was trying to describe the ~intensity~ of it to a friend the other day (who refuses to watch, she's smarter than me for sure)


If this movie is not released in France I will thank god for that. Seriously Beyoncé should stick to singing. Didn't she see how bad actors Justin Timberlake & Madonna already are.

Signée une fan française de ton blog


Oh my god, that actually makes me want to see the movie now. I'm going to spoil my life (and my boyfriend's) and netflix it right now!!!!!


It's always a shame when something so trashy-looking turns out to be just plain garbage.

Donny B

But her husband is HOT, which is the only reason I'd think of watching it. So is there any good eye candy for the gays?


Beyonce's ass was "giant" in DREAMGIRLS? Were we watching the same movie, because I recall it being Mastercleanse tiny a la Ms. Ross the Boss. She was a slip of a girl at the Golden Globes thanks to that lemon water/cayenne pepper diet shit.

Bey is a bad actress, true, and her Texan accent will limit any future roles, but I thought she did well in OBSESSED. That's taking all of her other wooden performances into account (CADILLAC RECORDS excepted), so maybe I'm just being nice. What I really can't wait for is the DVD for the I AM TOUR. Based on the Youtube clips I see another "Top 10 reasons Beyonce is Ridiculous" in your future.


Alright... 10 year old moment. There is totally a nipple slip in the first .gif is there not?

Also, i too feel that beyonce's acting is sub-par and i always thought that.. even in austin powers her lines were not delivered well... she was handed jokes and it was just not funny coming from her. In dream girls she was flat and I, personally, felt nothing from her.


The end is truly hilarious. I think I'd watch the movie again just because of that. From beginning to end. And because honestly, I lead a very boring life. I still love Beyonce though--wish I was seeing her concert!



Vanessa M

First, I freaking love Bad Lieutenant. Maybe not enough to listen to the commentary-well, maybe now that I hear it's actually good. Harvey Keitel will forever be one of my favorite actors cause that guy has no boundaries. Favorite scene: when he pulls the two underage girls over and demands one of the pantomime a bj while the other one shows him her ass meanwhile he beats off and makes a distressing sound. Who else could possibly have played that role? Also, not nearly enough male actors go full frontal.

Thank you. I saw Goldmember and Dreamgirls and Bey is just terrible. How is everyone not seeing that in her performances? (altho, I hear she was good in Cadillac Records.) I have less than zero interest in seeing this movie. It's like an imaginary number on my viewing scale. Did love the clip tho. If someone still wants to watch after that, they totally deserve what they get.

Idris Elba, you should be doing better.


Nice! The YouTube clip absolutely satisfied any desire I had to see Obsessed. ;)


If you want a movie to laugh to watch C Me Dance, it's the feel good/devil semi truck killing/telepathic sermon giving/mullet dad praying/useless devil appearing/dancing Christian movie of the year.


"Spoiling your life" is my new favorite thing.


Blue winky smiley face of DEEEEEEEAAAAATH.


Yeah, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on Bey in "Cadillac Records." I saw it, and I'm not 100% sold on her performance (although it's obviously her best one). I can't tell if she's genuinely good, or if I'm just easily impressed by the fact that she swears and does drugs while dressed as Etta James.

I think she was just trying to show up J-Hud's "Dreamgirls" performance. She's all, "Look at me, I can act like an untrained naturalistic loose cannon too!" Regardless, I'm pretty sure it's better than any of Madonna's performances. Although it's been a while since I saw "Dangerous Game" (which: Ferrara!).


LMAO at the youtube clip. That's in a suspense movie? Seriously? Still LMAO.

T. AKA Ricky Raw

Nothing beats watching Obsessed in the movie theater. Especially a black movie theater like I did. One of the few times I WANTED to hear people laughing loud and screaming at the screen

Dandy Darkly

I must agree with some of the above sentiment. This movie becomes community experience when seen in a movie theater. I saw it in a racially mixed area, half black and the other half gay. And the crowd was howling. We were there to laugh.

"Breath, bitch!" was a highlight, as was Beyonce's awful, awful acting. I think this is a film that needs to be seen with a group of strangers.


I figured this movie was mainly for black women. Just so they can yell at the screen at the white devil woman and cheer when Beyonce gets all sassy on her ass.

Good lord does it look awful. Seriously.. a blue smiley face that winks is supposed to be suspenseful? Wow.. just wow


I felt that the performance in Cadillac Records was equally lacking. I didn't buy it, it felt fake. Everything she says sounds like a scripted line to me. I never connect with any of her characters. All her performances come off as Beyonce playing dress up.


1. The Bad Lieutenant is NOT a good movie! I will admit that I only watched it cause I heard it had a dick shot in it, BUT STILL!

2. The best part of Obsessed is when Idris reveals he'd been out of the house for SIX MONTHS! Everyone in the theater was like.. "WTF?!" Too funny.

Beyonce got Oscar buzz because she was jealous Jenny got so much. She did a good job singing, and that movie was her best acting ever (and if anyone says Cadillac Records I will SLAP A HO), but she's still a terrible, terrible actress.

The girl can sang though. Even when she's driving me crazy, she can sang.


Oh G-D!

That YouTube clip literally had me laughing out loud. I have to share this with people; it is too ridiculous.

I can't wait for the RiffTracks for this movie. Or maybe That Guy with the Glasses will review it.


@ RP Yaaaaay RIFFTRAX!!!!!!!!!! It's always great to see a fellow MSTie (or Rifftraxxie if you will...LOL) Did you see the Plan 9 rifftrax? I couldn't BREATHE in some parts...LOL

*ahem* sorry, back on topic. That emoticon thing was PRICELESS. I kinda wanna see this now, since I love bad bad bad movies. But they have to be "so bad they're good" movies, and part of me thinks this just isn't one of those...LOL


AHAHA! The winking smiley face is too much. So incredibly hilarious.


Um, can we just mention for a moment that at the end of the movie (with the freeze frame) an effin' Beyonce song starts to play, who also produced the movie. The movie was just an excuse to pad her acting reel. I knew this movie was going to be bad, but I at least thought it would be awesomely bad like a Lifetime movie. Boy was I wrong.

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