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August 12, 2009



Thanks for doing a female rapping post Rich, it's an art form that needs more attention. And yeah, I wanna support Nicki Minaj since she's probably the only up-and-coming female rapper that has a chance at stardom... but she's gonna have to do better when/if she gets an album out.


I went on a nostalgia jag and listened to a bunch of Neneh Cherry and was pleasantly surprised to hear how feminist some of her raps were.

Anyway, good post. I am bummed to hear Amamnda Blank's album is crap because I like her with Spank Rock, but some rappers need to stay as featured artists.

Lolita Hazed

I actually really dig Amanda Blank, and her album is good. I think she does a great job on her own and something about her music makes me feel stronger as a woman, strange as it may sound.


you're forgetting all about Trina's Diamond Princess album... it's a gem--seriously


Amanda Blank's issue is that her verse on Spank Rock's "Bump" was both a star maker and killer, as it encapsulated everything she is capable of in one brief moment. Unless I Love You was eleven versions of "Bump" it was bound to disappoint.


Finally someone who appreciates the genius of Smooth. I still bump that "Reality" cd. Hotness.

thug missez

Um, the only female rapper who has mattered in the past 10 years is Khia...


Once again everything you say is on point. Loved that you wrote about girl rappers. Our shared love for girl rappers doesn't surprise me. I was just thinking about this heavily while listening to Angie Martinez interview Queen Latifah on Hot 97. Angie brought up the topic of girl rappers falling off and not really representing like they used to and they had a discussion about it.

I expected more from Amanda Blank but I still think M.I.A. is the savior. Nicki has potential but needs to really kill her debut CD (the mixtape was ok). For a while I thought Eve would be the one to bring back girl rap but she seems to always have label issues. By the way, what's up with the exclusion of Amil, Trina, and even Khia? Actually you left a lot of girl rappers out. Expecting a part 2.

Gena K.

Anyone here on the Kid Sister bandwagon? She's definitely a rapper sans the singer hyphenate. She also doesn't really subscribe to either of the prominent female MC archetypes--ho or gangsta bitch--she's just straight up party rap. You can actually HEAR her smiling when she raps. It's refreshing.


Georgia Anne Muldrow is hot to death! I'm happy to see more people not being satisfied with what's given to them by the radio, and finding quality music for themselves.


Don't forget about Jean Grae!!


Jean Grae does the singing thing, sorta.
Kid Sister...haven't heard her do it...yet.
And as much as I love Amanda Blank, it's so true. So far she's shown that she's only best as Spank Rock's girly foil.

Lolita Hazed

Gena K-- YES, Kid Sister doesn't give a shit, I ADORE her! She's just having a blast and you can tell. I hope her album comes out soon!


JEAN GRAE! Can't write about female mc's and leave her out.


I miss Lauryn Hill.


i'm pretty sure kid sis does some singing too ... isn't there her doing that bit on "family reunion" w/david banner?

and while i'm feeling amanda blank big time, i've definitely noticed inconsistencies with her skills. her verse on "bump" KILLS IT but then other places she sounds like a female guru whose batteries are running low...

but ... "sexy MF" & "get it now" & "bump" +++++


please tell me you read her "tales from a groupie" story


I like how you take pop culture and "intelligize" it. Like a college paper! Big ups Rich, keep doin your thang.


Veuve Clitquot. Ewww.


miss dynamite?

Bobby Pens

I think the "Harajuku Barbie" thing comes from her having a Chinese parent. But I know, Harajuku is not even Chinese, so yeah. That's what happens when you fraternize with Lil Wayne I guess.


The best male rapper to utilize the sing-song rap style? Ol' Dirty.


You forgot Jean Grae but i shall forgive you . I love Kid Sister and Amanda Blank as well as Nicki and I think Amanda would shit on her given the opprotunity.


i think it is a shame that girls always get miss credited for the thing they can accomplish but dont worry about female rappers trying to come up they will and when they do damm its itll be music to every bodies soul!!

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