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August 06, 2009



Give me quality over quantity any day. I think the people who expect multiple postings per day are the ones who have had their expectations lowered due to twitter.


I always take quality over quantity- but then I am not a fan of eraser scribbles over celebrity pix either- so obviously I am abnormal :)



Bourgeois Nerd

While I do think a successful blog should be regularly updated, more than one a day? Totally unnecessary.


Slow and steady.

I'd much rather read a blog that posts videos of winston every so often than most anything else on the internet.

lol rofl

It's not like this is the only place you blog. 1 ANTM recap + 3-4 VH1 reacaps on an average week sounds exhausting.


While I wish you did post a bit more frequently I've been coming here for years which is a lot more then I can say for some blogs that update many times a day.


don't ever change!


La Chaim!


No one wants to wait for anything these days...suspended gratification in the long run makes every post that much more of a treat.


What makes her say that? Is she thinking about blogs that are trying to make a profit or blogs in general? Because there are lots of blogs that don't even have daily posts (much less multiple ones per day) that are very popular.


"Because there are lots of blogs that don't even have daily posts (much less multiple ones per day) that are very popular."

Eeexxactly! She must not be aware of the existence of Heather Armstrong/Dooce. (Which is sad.)

I update once a day at this point. Except for on weekends. Seems to work pretty well for me!


You're the best and most reliable humor to be found on the internet, guy. Never change.


Pfft. More than one post a day means no one ever leaves their computer ever.

Love your site, keep it up!


this is the blog I have read for the longest amount of time & is still one of my favorites. Hell, you turned the Vh1 blog into a must-read for me -- who ever thought that would happen?? Keep up the great writing, as frequently as you want.


Yeah, that's fucking BOOSHIT. I take furloughs and people come back, people who have been reading for years. I have readers from 2001 still. Heh. Likewise, I am a longtime fan of you!

White Chocolate

Stupid bitch. Long live fofo!


I lerve this blog. Your review for "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" sucked me in and I've been a fan ever since.


You have brought me so much joy the past four years so I don care how often you post.


Yea for being here four years, and here's to many many more!!

that's Mrs. Nigel Barker to you

You've got it going on :)


Maybe if you are the blog of a dying medium trying to grasp to the straws of relevancy, but on the real internet we love our quality daily fourfour.


O yes...do you Rich baby!!! U have had me in my work cubicle bursting out in laughter since 06...and I love what you do...u r a phat verse on hot beat...don't ever go commercial...lol (lots of love)


It's cliche because it's true: quality over quantity. You have such talent and taste. Really. We are content readers.

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