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August 07, 2009



Its so Disco and fun and exactly what Whitney needed. I cant wait for the whole album and the whole Whitney to be back.


This is the first track from Whitney's new project that actually has me excited. It's very classic Whitney, in that it almost sounds like a lost track from her first album. I just love the buoyancy of it all, and the fact that it's not as heavy-handed in its celebration of Whitney herself as, say, "I Found My Own Strength."


i absolutely agree. i've been waiting for Whitney and Co. to release a single as infectious as her late 80's/early 90's dance tracks and with Million Dollar Bill they've done it.

love love love.


I think I like her new voice, too. With this track, she almost reminds me of Anita Ward. Very bouncy, groovy and fun.


Her former voice will (sadly) never come back, but she still sounds a hell of a lot better than any of her contemporaries.

I am happy for her long-awaited return.


i was going to make my fb status "Happy Hour Puzzler: WWWHD? (what would Whitney Houston drink?)
but then it struck me she's in recovery
so probably nothing!
then i was like, 'okay, no biggie, what other sassy diva would i want to have a cocktail with right now?'
and of course i was already thinking of MARY J BLIGE
but she's also in recovery!
so i was like WTF IS UP WITH DIVAS?!
you cannot have a drink with a diva,
unless you go way down the C list (i.e., Starr Joness)
(note to self: send her an email suggesting the extra consonantss for her name)


I am really rooting for Nippy since our birthdays are merely days apart and we were born in the same year.

Now if my other fave (I'm looking at you, Mariah) could accept the inevitable realities of aging and what it does to your voice and your taste in clothes...

Is it wrong to miss that clear bell of a voice?

Queen Lena

I gotta say, I actually prefer her "new" voice.


Alicia really put her hand on this track, it can easily be one of her tracks. I'm glad this is a good track because I didn't care for 'I Turn To You' at all, it was a major letdown.

And I know her voice is still decent, but when your idea of Whitney is largely shaped BY her voice, no matter how good the song is- it's a letdown too.


I guess I'm one of those "kids" that is enjoying this. It's very disco-y, and I love it. I'm sure Rich is very happy Whitney is making a comeback. I miss those old Bobby Brown posts.

Diane D.

Whitney's voice does sound weary and lived-in, but let's not forget that most of the tiredness is due to nicotine rather than the struggles over the last ten years. She has cleaned up those struggles but still indulges in nicotine, which is causing her voice not to heal properly.

Diane D.

Whitney's voice can return if she quits the cigs. Drugs did not permanently destroy her voice, it is the cigs that is permanetly destroying her voice. Look how Natalie Cole and Mary J. came back after their drug abuse. The difference is that they did not smoke cigarettes. So once they quit drugs, their voice had time to heal. Unlike Whitney who is still smoking cigarettes.

Diane D.

It is cigarettes that is killing Mariah's voice too.


im just looking forward to the inevitable deep disco house remixes of this that are on the horizon. great track, about to be made even more memorable. wb cracky! <3


Million Dollar Bill is the stupidest name ever for record, especially for the first single off an eagerly awaited comeback cd. That is, unless you're a cashmoneymillionaire or some low-level rapper with a basement tape.


The Voice has less octane than before - but her it's-my-beat-baby rhythmic tricks are still there, which I love. This is kinda Whitney's thing; making crap sound like gold.


well written. let's put the crack where it belongs and where she has said she's put it, in the trash. gone. she's over it, so should everyone else.

Monica C.

LOVE Whitney! And I hope this album sells well!

and p.s.: Am I wrong, then, for also LOVING "Being Bobby Brown" so much, even though it was so wrong on so many levels?


Whitney sounds and looks amazing. I love "Million Dollar BIll" and I can't wait for her cd to come out. Rich, your review was definitely on point.


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Congrats on the EP!

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