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August 21, 2009


Noel Brinkley

I have not watched the new season yet, but can't wait to see what bullshit they come up with. I still have my Vincent/Madonna mash up and so many other great soundbites. Thanks to you every mix I make has a perfect introduction.


Aw, I like Project Runway. Not love, but like, at least. Although this premiere was duller than usual, which I don't even think you can blame on Lifetime since it's the same damn thing. Also they apparently had the lighting in the confessional set to MAKE EVERYONE OLD.

Antonio Navarro

Aw don't be mean to Tim! He's a national treasure! Also, I just finished reading Dune yesterday and to see you reference stillsuits today is such a weird coincidence I literally gasped.


Aw. In all the ANTMania I had forgot just how much I missed Little Vinny®! Thanks for reminding me. Now I've got to track down the wav of Heidi saying "YOU FAILED!". I kind of get off on that.


Was I the ONLY one thinking "well, even if Ari gets kicked off, maybe she can get a date w/ Lohan out of this whole thing"??

Miss Lisa

It will be interesting to see if competitive fashion design will continue to be popular during a hardcore recession. Is it soothing mindless escapism to design for the red carpet of your imagination? Or is it just annoying, when you have other thoughts going through your head, like how to currently afford food. Apparently, it's a pretty serious undertaking, all this dress designing.


I just discovered this show and have been obsessively watching it via Youtube while I hunch over my sewing machine. I'm up to Season 5...Lord. I think I'll go back and read your recaps now...


I genuinly like ProjRun. I find the combination of geometry, physics and creativity that goes into making clothes facinating. I don't have much of a problem disregarding the twats and the snobs, they usually end up with horrible karma anyhow. I guess the thing I like about it is that at this point, very contestant thinks they know the process in and out and think they will be the first to beat it without any scrapes and it's fun to watch the futility of that. I like Gunn, too - I find his concern and caring to be a satisfying balm to Tyra's, J's, Nigel's crazed, forced hypocracy on ANTM.

The Models of the Runway is ok, kinda boring because as you said, they really have nothing to do and really have no say on their fate.

Marah - my friends and I totally saw the Ari/Samantha Ronson comparison, as well. I thought Lohan looked beat but was a surprisingly good judge. Personally Rich, I would love for you to recap ProjRun, because I love your recaps but do it at your leisure. Don't feel obligated to cover every ep.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do Proj Run. That is what brought us together and is what is missing in our relationship. :)


As long as you still do ANTM, it's okay if you don't do Runway :)


I'm so glad you decided to write a recap!


I miss your recaps of PR terribly, but your ANTM recaps are so amazing. It's understandable that you wouldn't have time or energy for it with all you do, so thank you for this one.


The blog entry you referenced above was one of the funniest things I ever read on the internets.


Love it, Rich. While watching the "All Star Challenge" I wondered if it would ruin PR because it would expose that an entire season could pretty much be condensed into 2 hours. Then I wished you would recap it.


You need to include the GIF of Chantal's eye falling off her face.


hold up can we please talk about your 'my heroes' post this week!!! it made me laugh out loud for a whole minute! dun wit yer trooosers! i'd love to hear Heidi say that... haha!


i've been over project runway since they made the designers create clothes from what they found in the hershey's store. get the fuck outta here! pr is supposed to be showcasing talent and that's what the fuck they subject us to? an hour long hershey commercial?!

i had high hopes for the issac mizrahi replica (i loved his talk show on the style network, sketches and answers was the best!) but, alas the pr knockoff was boring as hell.


I think you know my feelings on this Rich. Please stay! Your PR recaps are the stuff of legend.


OK, I found it mostly dull too, but you have to see the humor in Lindsay critiquing ANYTHING as being "inappropriate" and then contributing to the elimination of a girl who 1) strongly resembles her ex and 2) designed the only "garment" I can conceivably imagine Lindsay wearing! But yeah, other than that, it's mostly all hype ("what will they design next") followed by a letdown ("another ill-fitting navy satin dress-thing?..."). I'll tune in for the final runway, but overall I was bored.

Bobby Pens

Fashion Show on Barvo turned out to be much more entertaining...

Bobby Pens

I mean, on *Bravo

Kris10 Awesome

"You aren't coming away from this show changed or more knowledgeable."

Well I have! That kinda goes against your "it's all subjective" statement, doesn't it?

marah, you weren't the only person who thought that.


Rich- I hope you do PR recaps BUT only if they don't interfere with ANTM recaps. You are awesome, but we do not want you to get stretched too thin.


I have come away from this show changed and more knowledgeable. Lots of information about how to design. I make paper dolls, and when Project Runway started I knew zero about fashion and not much about design. The show helped me. This past year I had two professional level commissions for my work one of which is a book from a significant publisher. The show was also good therapy, just to see other creative people on TV. Yes, Project Runway made a difference.


I know why I love you. I am also over Tim Gunn. He is not a national treasure. He knows some big words and how to hug like a fag (which is a compliment, BTW). That is all.

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