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My vote is for re-caps on some of the Housewives franchise... I realize that at this point, some of these women are really 'showing out' and 'putting on'... nonetheless, some of that shit is definitely real... and what is UNDOUBTEDLY real to me is how each one tries to outdo the others... it is most definitely a study in absurd behavior.

* I'm also a fan of Little People Big World... I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it... it is all warm & fuzzy sometimes... but it's like chicken soup for the soul... feels like eating a plate of baked macaroni & cheese...

Laura K

Please continue to recap, Rich! You are the original and the best!!!!!


Ari is a dope. The VMA's and the Nobel award ceremony aren't held on the same night - they're not even held during the same month. I hate it when nerds can't keep their details straight.


hi rich! i don't know if anyone else mentioned this yet because i'm too lazy and disinterested to read the other responses... but, the gif of nina really made her look like the grinch. maybe it was the slowness of the replay, but that smile practicaly crawled onto her face. thanks for giving PR another go..


i was shocked linsay assisted in voting off ari when she so obviously favors sam ronson.

i don't know why that cracks me up!

p.s. good recap!


I'd like to hear your thoughts on the now-canceled "Megan wants a millionaire" and the tragedy surrounding it - I find it quite sad that the poor woman who was murdered was essentially a "Megan" herself. I don't have the same attraction you have for Megan however...I think she's worthless and don't mind the fact that her show (and maybe "career") is over, I'm just saddened by the circumstances surrounding it.

As for ProjRun - the show is amazing, but you're right, it isn't "amazingly bad" in the same vein as the other shows you follow.


When I watch these types of shows, I watch out for the bizarre stuff. Then I would come here to see if Rich caught the same thing. It really makes the show worth watching if I know there is a hilarious recap to follow. This is also the only reason I am clinging to ANTM-- the recap is better than the show!

Rich, if you have the time, please continue recaps on PR. (and more Winston please!)



You know, I also thought Ari's talk about her work sounded like the outfits from Dune, although with her description of "water conservation" in her outfits, maybe the piss-recycling thing is actually true.

She kinda reminds me of that weird hippie lady from season 4 who hand sewed her outfit onto the model and spit on the fabric for good luck or something. Maybe Ari could be friends with her.


Come on, Rich. Pretty please?

Queen Lena

I hear you Rich, I do, but I'm not going to pretend that I'm not sad about your feelings on recapping Project Runway. I always felt that your PR recaps were the most brilliant of all. Sigh.

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Oh! That is hilarious! But no offense I still love watching PR not because of the overact people on the show, But because I find a lot of inspirations on their designs.

Philippine Realty

You take it personally! It’s just a TV show…


Aww, I love Tim Gunn. And I noticed the Ari/SamRo thing immediately, so if this many of us did, it must have been making Lindsay uncomfortable. Which is awesome in itself.
I find PR much much easier to watch than ANTM these days, that show has just become so completely ridiculous.
Australia's, Canada's and New Zealand's, and even the British next top model are a thousand times better than ANTM. Yet I still watch.


Rich - I enjoyed this recap! I agree with the others though - your ANTM recaps are legendary so don't recap PR if it exhausts your witty, creative juices. Sometimes you make references or use words I've never heard of and then I have to go look things up to get the joke - and I love that about you! So you just do what you feel like doing!

I would like to hear your thoughts on TrueBlood...I know it is not 'reality' but I'm curious about what you have to say about the vampire phenomenon taking over the world right now! Thanks for your blog - it brings a smile to my face every time I read it.

Vanessa M

Sarah wrote: "As long as you still do ANTM, it's okay if you don't do Runway :)

I agree. If you don't feel Runway, don't recap. If you decide to tho, we'll suck it up like Frito Pie. With veggies in it cuz it's sorta good for you.

My personal favorite gif you did for Runway was also of Vincent but was the "Not F#cking Fluff and Fold" laundry detergent.

I have to say I did enjoy the premiere. And I heart Tim Gunn. Agreeing to disagree with love.


The cleaning fish to barracuda analogy had me in stitches. You are an awesome writer, Rich.


I actually started watching Project Runway because of your recaps, was already an ANTM devotee. Now I don't pay any attention to ANTM and am really into Project Runway. I agree with a lot of the points you highlight above about the show, but ultimately I enjoy seeing the creative process and what they send out on the runway... and the judge's critiques. The first half of the season is always kind of a throw away because you can't tell what the garments look like anyway, they flash by so fast. I'm hoping that the girls on Models of the Runway end up getting super competitive and try to charm/steal the designers that they think might win the whole thing. I can't see it being that interesting otherwise, Tyra and company make ANTM, not the girls themselves.


That write up was more fucking entertaining than the show. Truffffffff!


I was on the fence about watching Models, but I am sold! I love that she said that about "model houses"!! Who knew we would live in a world where Tyra and her toys would garner such attention and reference? Oh wait... LOL I love it!


Marah, that was the first thing I thought when I saw her, "is that a Ronson?", how coincidental...

I love Tim Gunn, but I love Santino's imitation of him more.......


You have to recap another episode...if only to remark on Tim Gunn's "beach look" and how much Mitchell sucks.

But yeah...Project Runway is hanging on by a thread. They need to pick better's sad when they make me miss Santino.


I agree with marrah. How funny that Lohan was the guest judge and the Samantha twin got the boot

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What a beautiful post, Vivian! Happy Halloween to you and your family - especially to adorable Mason. My, what big claws he has!

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