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August 14, 2009



Kara reminds me of Amanda Peet.


I was just wondering when the f*ckery that is ANTM was going to start. LOL at the little people.


wenis hahahahahahaha
so funny!


Kara kinda reminds me of Kelly Bensimon. You're right though...booooring! The only way that I would watch ANTM is if little people were on it and Bebe Zahara Benet replaced Miss J. I'm so tired of Tyra and her foolishness!


LMFAO Never trust a bald girl names Bianca.. so true. I smell a bitch.


finally, a rachel on this show! holla.

they couldn't think of ANYTHING more original than bloody eyeball for someone with a bloody eyeball? and why didn't it clear up by the time she got to school? is Bloody Eyeball a technical term???


I love the photoshopping of the legs! It had me laughing so hard :P

I like Rae the most too, she looks stunning. But I also think that Brittany is stunning, not bland. I dislike the asian girl, Jennifer. She totally reminds me of that bitch Michelle Malkin to me, which is my most hated person of the month.


short is 5'4 and below... not 5'8 and below!


rich, do you have a thing for asians?


You had me at the "Out of This World" reference... I thought I was the only one who remembered that show!!!

Oh yeah, and ANTM... yay.


Nicole looks like supermodel Cintia Dicker. Courtney looks like Adriana Lima! For the most part they aren't too bad, Lulu, Lisa, Bianca and Ashley I'm not crazy about.

Can't wait to start watching and reading!


Out of this World ftw! I'm glad someone else actually watched that show, too. For the longest time, I thought I made that show up.

Vanessa M

I may have to give on on ANTM. It was sooooo bad last season. And the season before that. I only watched out of habit for the last few years. The last moment that really amused me was Lauren and Dominique's Cover Girl commercials.

That show brings out some ugly schadenfreude in me. Also, altho I used to find Miss Jay vaguely amusing, I now want to claw his eyes out whenever he opens his mouth. I didn't care one way or the other about Paulina but her absence means more Tyra. Cannot face it.

Your recaps, however, are can't miss TV.


Hate Troop Beverly Hills? How could you hate a classic 80's Shelley Long fish out of water story featuring a young Tori Spelling.

You might be dead to me a little bit. My heart weaps.


Kara looks too much like Kelly Bensimon from the Real Housewives of New York. Maybe she'll be insane like her too.


Rich - this gives me something to look forward to again! You've already nailed it with "The second coming of Analeigh. Reunited and it feels so yo!" It does indeed, feel SO yo.


Perhaps Tyra's intro this year will be a homage to The wizard of Oz. I can just see her dressed as Glinda the good witch with all the little munchkins around her.


All of these people look incredibly AVERAGE.
This season might be more boring then the last one. Lulu and Courtney are the only ones who look somewhat unique.

Monica C.

The short legs - ROFLMAO. You are crazy!

I like Jennifer and Rachel.

How many times will Tyra say "Asian" on this cycle?


only one Asian girl in the under 5'7" season - kinda surprising...


Why, if they are going to put out the girls before hand, do they have the try-out one hour thing?


"Gather round you friends of mine. We're wilderness girls and it's cookie time..."



Sunday should always be S U N D A I.


I almost spat my water out all over my screen when I realized you had midget-fied all the contestants. I cannot WAIT for you to tear this season apart!

I really only watch this show now so that I know what you are talking about in your recaps. Tyra is getting too ridiculous even for me.


HA! Short people unite!

Where my 4'10" girls at? Where my fellow 5'0" sistahs at? Not here. Tyra officially sucks. She always has, but now it's notarized.

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