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August 27, 2009



That's pretty much going to be the most awesome thing I've seen all week. I'm embarrassed for him!


I'm so glad you posted this. I've always cracked up at this paragraph--which has apparently been edited out, boo!--from the Mark Wahlberg entry on Wikipedia:

"He also made a workout video entitled The Marky Mark Workout: Form... Focus... Fitness. Although Wahlberg made several sexual references in the video, it was passed as exempt from classification because he was able to disguise them with hip hop slang. Notably, he says to a female participant before doing an exercise, 'If I get diesel (i.e. muscular), maybe I'll get some skins' (a reference to or of the labia)."


If you close your eyes and listen to him, it sounds like he's in a porn flick.

Julie Kang

I *would* wonder why Serious Actor Mark Wahlberg takes himself so seriously, but now I see that Semi-Serious Actor Marky Mark took himself seriously too.

Michael Sippey

Best line: "you gonna help me count?"


I think I need a shower.


Okay, dumb as he is, he's still hot. As long as the sound is off. Plus, I'd do his workout as long as my body looked like his. Also? He has a third nipple just like me so I have to back him up!


Glad Turtle and Drama got some screen time.

Laura M.

Wow, that was beyond amazing. Pow is right!


I felt sexually harassed by that video and I'm not even in it. That made my work week, POW!!

Melvin at Mouchois

Ewwww... He's such a pervo. Lol.
I feel the need to shower, now.


Jesus. This might as well have been the start of a porn. I don't even have sound on my computer here and I can tell he had sex with Chair Girl either before, during or after filming this. Hilarious.


POW! OMG. Hot & stupid, cuz. Thank you, Rich. Just THANK YOU.


Honey Flies: Say hello to your mother for me.


Is it just me or was chair girl his sister? Did I follow that correctly? This was a riot, it reminds me of my personal favorite psuedo-celeb workout tape: Alyssa Milano's Teen Steam, complete with extremely catchy theme song, excerpt: "teen, teen steam...gotta let it out!" Not to mention a dream sequence where Alyssa Milano meets a dream boy and has a big dance number with him. And then there's the bit where Alyssa's friend who's doing the workout falls alseep mid stretch. Its great!

maria c

Something tells me Paul Thomas Anderson got a hold of this before casting Boogie Nights.


Can't. stop. laughing! So tickled.


This is like one of those sexual harassment training videos. Except now the harasser is the protagonist.


can't even think of anything clever to write because i'm laughing so hard. POW!!


OK, I had to watch this again.

You know what makes it so funny? How he looks so serious when he's yelling POW! I mean, even Emeril cracks a grin on BAM!


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.


o wow, this is the best thing I've ever seen on this site.
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do it, do it.


POW! Yo let me spot you later.
What a fucking douchebag.


I'm embarrassed how much I lusted after him back in the day. That Calvin Klein ad kept a lot of closeted mo's company. What a complete guido, tho.


Who else thinks Rich should be workout video Marky Mark for Halloween?

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