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Um, let's reel in the lust and get back to reality with this asshole:

Fuck him (and not in a good way).


A more detailed link here:


That was fly! Thanks Rich for brightening my week.


OMG, I found this tape in my house one summer. It had directly influence my development as a young gay man.


I wanna see the whole video


He is such a douche but I won't lie that I've been saying "POW!" all weekend. I also have "Good Vibrations" on my Ipod. It kind of creeps me out that he moaned almost nonstop. Wtf....


Also, check out the actual Amazon link for one of his workout videos and see the "real" comments below. We all know it's Donnie.


OMG...what a douchbag




This is the BEST thing I've ever seen on this site. I think they referenced this on TMZ last night too.


Major second hand embarrassment going on here. POW!


So loved these excerpts. Pow indeedy. Noone has mentioned the one movie he is more than passable in - Fear. Hot, hawt, haaauuuggghhhtttt. And Reese is cute, not annoying, tho YMMV.

I just don't know what happened to the hotness. By the time he got to Planet of the Apes, it was gone, for me at least. He seemed conformist and boring. And his head is bigger than his body would warrant, like many successes in HWood. Thanks Rich, and love to the kitty boyz!

Bobby Pens

Can't tell if that was his worst acting job or his best.

...Leaning towards best.

Pumping Irony

Gross. I expected Gerardo to walk in a any minute. POW, Rico Suave!


Did he refer to his cousin as "Jizz"?


What did the D stand for in Monk D?

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