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August 25, 2009



She is over-working the meatloaf. (Seriously.)


This movie kind of reminds me of Kitchen Stories in that it is a movie about people doing normal everyday things for ~two hours. I was bored to death by it but I would enjoy hearing what you have to say about it.

Miss Lisa

Just yesterday Netflix recommended that I watch this. Now I don't have to! Thanks!


Watching this on DVD at home would be a completely different experience than I had, although there still is the endurance factor. I saw this in the theater in Austin in the early 80's, and I recall it being hard to concentrate because of the steady stream of people walking out, and the remaining patrons laughing at them.


Have you seen Fassbinder's Angst vor der Angst(Fear of Fear)yet? I think that you would really like it. It has a similar theme. A pregnant housewife begins to feel a strange fear that she can't explain. She seeks relief in valium, cognac, and has a brief affair with the local pharmacist. It was a made for TV movie and is much shorter in length.


The note about the BlackBerry charger had me snorting Pepsi all over my keyboard! Brilliant!


Wait, hold on. Isn't the film, and therefore (one assumes), the protagonist Belgian rather than French?

Do we have any preconceived notions of whether Belgian women shaves their pits?


Belgian women shaves. Brilliant. I should have typed in crayon.


12:28 God bless the internet for making sex work easier :)


I saw this in college in a theater with a
really long intermission btwn it. I always thought it lost its oomph because of that.
Still enjoyed it and loved that folding sofa and those tones. so 70s French.
Very positive post, sir!


I went to a talk with Akerman last year - it was very akin to watching this movie, without the payoff at the end.


What is it with people and assigning importance to orgasms. I mean, I can get it if it's because she had it while servicing some stranger and it was a tipping point for a lot of resentment or frustration in her life, but *just* for an orgasm's sake? wtf, Jeanne. You have two hands and a potato peeler - FIGURE SOMETHING OUT.


This woman seriously needs to buy a television.


I have your job at "a company that published these industry-specific directories" right now. Thankfully we all have computers and reading your blog every day is Jeanne's and her sons coats.
Also I hate when my husband leaves his charger plugged in the wall when there is nothing charging on the other end. We often fight about it. It's fun.


Not to knit-pick (ha), but the correct spelling of that type of knot is "purl." Sorry. It's true.


Off topic a little bit, but would you be interested in this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FkOFBx_Ioo


So I started reading your lengthy (and great) post, Rich, and then gradually began doing other things, and then dutifully coming back to your blurbs. I would read 5 of your little observations and then unthinkingly i was checking my (other) blogs, loading my ipod, and getting more to drink... without even trying to be clever! Do we ALL have ADD now?? Thanks, internet!


What the hell kind of robot child sings in that McDonald's commercial?

And also, I'm glad you watched this so I didnt have to -- seems like a simutanesouly hidesouly boring and yet slightly mind-blowing movie/documentary/whatever.


Oh honey, when you knit, it's "purl" not something you'd find in a oyster. ;)

Lizzie (greeneyed fem)

I watched this for a film class in college. It was boring, frustrating, and totally worth it. In fact, I don't think I'm going to read your recap, Rich, just because I don't want to associate it with snark. I'd rather focus on the power of the last 30 minutes (although yes, my classmates and I were going crazy before then -- snarking and bitching are the only ways you can make it to the last 30 minutes).

I think one of the things that makes it such a unique experience is that we're not allowed inside Jeanne's head -- it's not a soul-baring character study like other films that focus on one character, and it's not like reality TV where the camera is all over these emotionally open subjects. Jeanne is really closed off. Akerman never even gives us close-ups of her face -- all the shots are from at least halfway across the room. We're not used to that as viewers -- want to see the bared soul.


Can't believe I'm about to google to find out what happens at 3:13:55. Damn you, Rich! LOL


First: I'm surprised I didn't get forced to watch this in my undergrad. This is exactly the exhausting, long-winded shit that I was constantly subjected to. (In retrospect, I actually appreciate a lot of it now. At the time I was 18, antsy, and frequently slept through the movies and ended up having to hunt down second-hand copies so I could write a paper on what happened.)

Second: '19:40 – They didn’t subtitle “Oui oui.” Don’t they know we’re going to start thinking they’re eating piss without clarification?'

I think I pooped myself laughing at that.

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