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August 10, 2009



I love in the beginning how Lily is so excited about the people. Then Winston comes over, and Lily doesn't know whether to pay attention to the people or Winston sniffing her ass.


Is Winston a top? He keeps smelling her ass.

I love your cat! He's hilarious. He is cuter than the little doggy.


Thank you! I have been so desperate for Winston updates.


Winston and Lily are soooo cute! Lily looks like the sweetest thing ever, she's all gentle and good-natured. You can just see it in her. I hope they become good friends!


omg! thank you for posting! I was having Winston/Rudy withdrawal!


Winston is awesome as always. Lily really is a precious little - pup? Winston sure is an ass man, isn't he? LOL. It's okay. My boy Buddy is obsessed with his own and Horus' (his brother's) ball sacks. The only problem is both of them were neutered. Buddy also likes to mount Horus and bite the back of his neck. *sigh* I love my gay cats. Plus, they are so much easier to get along with than my bitchy female kitty.


Is this real life?


Funny how Winston turned out to be the butt-sniffer.

Melvin at Mouchois

Winston is more interested than she is! What's all this about?
I wonder what would happen if Melvin and Winston got together?
Most likely a grumpiness explosion or a catty bitch off...


Have you guys approached VH1 with a pitch for a Winston-Lily reality show? I'm not kidding!


Winston is an ass-kitty!


I would watch Winston-Lilly of Love with more interest commitment than I have any of the recent VH1 shows.

They can have all sorts of cats, dogs, and muppets/gremlins/etc on to see if one or both of them can find the being of their dreams.

Rudy can be Big Rick/Big John. But not Riki Rachtman, because Rudy is too awesome for that shit.


yeah! a winston vid, this is the cutest thing ever! at first it looked like winston wanted to get cozy and sleep next to that little thing LOL! then he was like "stop looking at me..don't move, or I'll swat ya"


is lily chubby? or stubby?

Mary Ellen

I love winnie! He's a kitty after my own heart. If you want something NOT OF THIS WORLD, he should have a play date with my alien rescue cat from Taiwan:



Golden J

You should do a post about how fucking god-awful Megan's new "show" is. Ugh.

Ok, that video was really cute though. Winston is so an alien. And Lily is just...is she actually retarded? But in a super-cute sort of way?


Cute except for Megan constantly shoving Lily into Winston's face and scaring Lily to death. Animals aren't here for our entertainment, use kids for that. Would u do that to a retarded child?


We have the same couch. ^_^


Rich, randomness, but I totally had a dream where I met you on some vacation and we fell in love. It was bliss, I was sad when I woke up to find it was just a dream. I didn't tell my significant other about it. the end :)


you think everything winston does is cute..even when that hiss came out of his piehole!LOL


oh. my. god. this video was made in my dreams. the two most hilarious and bizarre animals to ever exist... together. forever.


This has made my morning. I am still unclear as to why I am obsessed with all things Megan, but I am. I'm pretty convinced she's a comic genius, though.

(My obsession with Winston is more easily explained.)

To have a Megan-Lily-Rich-Winston fourshot is almost more than I can handle.

Holy Cuteness

Hehe, cute video. winston is like, okay, who do we have here?

Andrea in Brooklyn

The little bubble over Winston's head is saying, "What IS this funny-smellin' thing? Definitely not a banana...yet oddly intriguing...."


How does Winnie manage to look fascinated and bored at the same time? I wish I could master that skill!

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