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September 01, 2009



She's A Talker

She's A Talker

Chris P

As i couldnt love this blog anymore, you go and put Laurie as your banner. You are the best man ever. Chris.

Chris P

P.S now that i've read your review, which I always trust. I now know that I wont taint my love of the original and sequel. Thanks yeah.

Dandy Darkly

I'd love to read your thoughts on the recent gruesome melding of horror movie and reality tv show...


After seeing Rob's "House of 1,000 Corpses" I vowed never to see another one of his movies again. I chalk it up to the fact that I am old skool at heart and prefer old skool horror. A good horror movie doesn't have to be all about visualizing and drawing out the blood and guts to be scary. I think Rob was all about pushing the envelope and ended up over doing it.


I'm surprised you didn't mention the Diablo Cody moment in the store, where the three girls engage in some sort of dialogue made up of non-slang.


not to mention:
how was annie left completely unaffected (besides a scar on her face) after surviving the same near death attack? and not the least bit concerned about spending halloween alone?
how did dr loomis recover from the same near death attack, write and publish a book and put together a press tour that garnished enough fame to end up on a talk show with weird al, all within one year?
and how does one become such filthy white trash in a 12 month period? because her half dreadlocks were replusive.


As I've come to expect, another fine bit of thoughtful film writing/crit. Well done, Rich.


Great analysis - too bad the mindless Shapes that make the opening-weekend box-office bean-counters drool won't be reading it.

Is there an irony in the fact that Carpenter and Hill were basically leveraged/contractually arm-twisted into making Halloween 2, whereas Zombie was under no such legal obligation? Y'know, I like Rob Zombie...he's very well-spoken and articulate, but am I to gather then, that he felt an artistic obligation to remake what was primarily a creatively bankrupt retread?

Because that's just ridiculous.


As long as the next one is worthy of Season of the Witch, I'm fine with however Zombie chooses to interpret this (fairly boring) mythology.


This review is so amazingly dead on. Halloween 2 was awful.


While I haven't seen Halloween 2, this post perfectly sums up my confusion about the other three Rob Zombie movies. Is he going for pure gross-out factor or is he trying to make you think? In the end, I just don't care enough to sit through this one to try and figure it out.

Vanessa M

I couldn't make it 10 minutes into the first reboot. I don't see how anyone could remake Halloween. It scared the living shit out of me when I was a kid like nothing else (except The Exorcist. Thanks for that, Catholic school.) Since then, the masked unkillable slasher has veered into parody both directly and indirectly to the point where there's nothing left.

I do love how much benefit of a doubt you are giving Rob Z tho. Is it a statement about how the creative well is long used up for this genre? I highly doubt it.

(you know what I did find surprisingly tolerable was the My Bloody Valentine remake which had no illusions of big ideas.)


I'd like to start by saying I dig House of 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects. And I liked the first Halloween movie, if only for the stripper pole/sad kid/"Love Hurts" mash-up.

I HATED Halloween 2. The plot started out as a continuation of the last movie, which you mentioned becomes a dream sequence, and I almost wish it had stayed that way. I wouldn't have to see rebellious Laurie and her rebellious friends acting like morons while the plot went nowhere. Also, replacing the kid who played Michael in the first movie was a terrible idea - his face was so unique.


I had a theory that maybe Zombie wanted us to think it was actually Laurie the whole time. The early murders--wherever the hell they occur, as Zombie grounds NOTHING in location--are never discovered or acknowledged, so for all we know, maybe they were just in her mind. I like the idea because it brings something new to the franchise, but I just can't get over how poorly edited and directed the whole film was. Maybe an extended cut (which most of us have no desire to sit through) would clear up a few things?

Either way, great review as always!

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