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September 03, 2009



The island of Africa.....right.


Wow...She's like a "cool Mom" now. While watching the video, I kept wanting to see her in Mom jeans or a mini-van.


Does this mean we can troll your comments with Jerri Blank quotes? I'll start.

"I'm as moist as a snack cake down there."


You had me at Jerri Blank.

"Ho - hobo camp?"


It's like a part of her tongue is paralysed. Who knows, maybe she overdosed back in the last years she was using.

Other than that, she seems pretty serene...


Her timing reminds me of a lot of stuff in Waiting for Guffman.


Oh god I hope this means Maya Rudolph will make a couple of SNL cameos as Whitney


Did she go to the Paula Abdul School For Public Speaking? She's very..... relaxed.


Oh my god. What happened to her face?


Did she always have a lisp?


I hate hate hate to say this, but it seems she's done some permanent damage to her brain. Her speaking is totally affected. Ugh. Crack is whack, indeed.


I agree, Jen. Watching that made me sad for her.


The Jerri Blank comparison is dead on.


I tried to play this and my computer freaked out and opened in it 6 windows and started skipping. Overlapping skipping islandgrooving Whitney is TERRIFYING.

Charles Ludeke

You should definitely recap both the Whitney and Mariah episodes on Oprah. Trust, the Mariah episode will offer plenty of funny gifs


"I cried when I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet. And then I laughed really hard."

So, the video kept buffering for me. And there Whit would be, in the center of the screen, mid-sentence, when the buffering symbol came on. It circled her nose like a little ring of cocaine, like she paused to have a toot before finishing her thought. It made her timing seem almost natural, actually.


I'll be on pins and needles waiting for Oprah - unless that's not what you don't want me not to do.


"kind of unique, you know, in its own way"
I love how she looks amused and smiles when she gets to the end of a sentence, like she's surprised by the destination she's arrived at.


goddamn! i live for your jerri blank references.


She almost has a Madonna-esque fake British accent.

Brigitte Tweddel

it appears as if Ms. Houston has no fron teeth from smocking crack, and has a tough time working those dentures.

Storm Keas

but now she's (smoking crack)/back in school, and although her face has changed, her hassles are just the same.

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I always wondered why he was not a way bigger star than he is. I would think some one like him would be a mogal by now. It must be because he is openly gay or would not sell out, i dunno.

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It is a pity that she has done anything new. She has a beautiful voice and even she acted.

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