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September 09, 2009



I am sooo excited your recaps will be back weekly. I look forward to them almost more then watching the show itself.

Tyra was on Nightline last night, spouting knowledge that Oprah taught her and defending that bathing suit picture....still.


Robo-Tyra still scares the fucking shit out of me!

I feel like this would be the number one reason I would lose/not be cast on ANTM -- I wouldn't be able to fake my Tyramania. (THIS would be the reason, not the fact that I'm at least 4 or 5 inches too short to be a model!)

John R

I'm holding out until she publishes The Tyra Encyclopedia of Everything.


No Top Model for me...my cable company doesn't offer the CW in my area! Sad. I'll have to live vicariously through your recaps. I'm sure with your colorful commentary, my imagination and all of Tyra's past craziness on record, I can come up with a close approximation of what happens in the show!


Brilliant. Just brilliant.


Absolute perfection in a clip montage.
My Celia love just grows.


Tyra wouldn't be pleased, putting the VMAs ahead of ANTM? I think, and Tyty agrees, that you could easily recap the VMAs on Tuesday. :P

But regardless of when you recap ANTM, I'll be very happy to see it! I swear your recaps are the only reason I watch ANTM anymore, I've given up hope that the girl who wins will actually deserve her win. Oh well.


Bring it on Rich! Your recaps are the best thing about ANTM. (Take THAT Tyra.) I can't wait.


What cycle is the blonde bitch on the floor crying from?


Rich, I was wondering if you noticed a similarity between the new script in the Tyra bug and the script used for The Little Mermaid.


now all she needs is to hide a penis in it.




Oooh god....Tyrant in that spangly Thing 1/Thing 2 Vegas get-up with the red feather headdress will always sum up TOP MODEL to me.

It's like, WTF?????????

I cut them some slack because they're all probably light-headed from dieting, but is it really so professional for models -- even would-be models -- to scream and cry and fall down when they meet someone from the fashion world? How would Tyrant react if they all did that on their GoSees??




Watching right now. Amber is craaaaazaaaaaay.

Can't wait for the recap :)


This will be the first time I'm actually watching the season as it airs. I'm looking forward to your commentary even more!


I'm rooting for "bloody eyeball"!


riiiiiiiiiiiiiich! plz gif the sexi thing tyra just did, with the tongue and the rubbing!! please!


@ Faith
When I saw that, I said "I HOPE RICH GIFS THIS."


Ohhh my god, so many gifs will come from this post I'm so excited!



However, I am still not sold... how are these shorties gonna fare in the fashion world (besides the small handful of shorties already in the modeling biz)? Are they really gonna make it anywhere? Or will they just wither into ANTM-oblivion like EVERY SINGLE OTHER PREVIOUS CONTESTANT?

I love Tyra because she allows you to hate her. But I want to see some real success for once... pleeeeeeeeease?


Oh, dearest Rich, how I anticipate your recap of the insanity I witnessed tonight. From Tyra's Frahnch aksahnt to the gay werewolf in the pink jacket checking the girls in to Crazy Jesus Girl to Bloody Eyeball, it was sheer, nutty perfection.


Oh my God, Rich, I cannot even remotely wait for your recap. There was so much pure gold in tonight's premiere I almost cried with joy. I think this is going to be the best cycle we've had in years.

And by best, I mean most absolutely bugfuck hysterical.

Auntie Jane

Team Bloody Eyeball!

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

Breathtaking stuff. I haven't watched this show with any semblance of commitment since the season with Natasha and Heather but am tempted. Especially as your recaps are always that much more fun with a bit of context...Can't wait :)

Vanessa M

People still watch the VMA's?

(to which one might honestly reply "People still watch ANTM?")

Despite my not even liking it much anymore and my feeling that I'm just contributing to Tyra Banks' soulless exploitation of young women, I did in fact tune in. And--short chicks cannot runway yall (and I say this as a 5'3" personne myself.) Besides the awkward end of the runway poses and generally walking like they had recently had hip replacements, one of them appeared to mime taking a dump as her final pose. Please tell me you got the gif. I would do it myself if I, like, knew how.

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