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I didn't know you were going to be on TAL, and I was so surprised listening to the radio today! That was a great piece, congratulations.


Heard the show and remembered with pride seeing the clip on Jezebel an age ago (had to be, I haven't read Jez in eons!) - anyway, it was cool! Good job & congrats. :)


Your piece was great! I silenced the room when I heard your name, and I too, plotzed.

wedding chair covers

Congrat on This Amercian Life.


As a huge fan of both TAL & the Four Four, I couldn't be more excited. Rich, as a blogger, you have deserved this for so long. If I can't interview you, at least it's the incredible Ira Glass who gets the honors. Good fucking show, man. Cheers!


You are awesome. Keep up the awesome.


Congrats!! Can't wait to listen. Two of my favorite things combined :)


Awesome! That's all I can think to say...awesome! Can't wait to listen to the podcast.


so i hadn't appreciated what a raging Rich fan I was until Ira said yr name and I started hyperventilating over my kitchen sink and then squealed like a 4-year-old. And all the while my front door was wide open and my neighbor had been standing on the porch. i wonder if she will ever want to talk to me again.


Congrats! This is really cool.

Vanessa M

TAL! We are so proud of you! Also, hearing Jade however briefly on TAL will be a clash of worlds worthy of an electron/positron collision.

Queen Lena

I had no idea that you were going to read on This American Life until I heard your damn name on the radio. I damn near spit out my Popeye's chicken.


NERD ALERT:I love your blog, watch VH1 shows just so I can follow your recaps, and I squealed in the car when I heard you on TAL.


Many Congrats! I'm a big fan but have never commented before. Just listened to the podcast and it was great. Bravo!


Wow! I just listened to your segment, and it was so great! Radio is where it's at!

Vanessa H

Congratulations, Rioh. Great job. It seems a little like worlds colliding and dogs lying down with cats.


Holy crap! I listened to the podcast before I saw your post, and just about peed myself with excitement when Ira announced your name! I love TAL, and I can't believe that it has never occurred to me what a natural fit you are for the show. Awesome segment.


boo! wheres the top model recap?!


OMG, Rich!! I was just listening to This American Life podcast and I got very, very excited when I realized the blogger they were talking about was you! I guess I had the exact same experience as the people who commented above me, but I very excited about your success and the unexpected combination of two things I love! Yay!


You were awesome! I've loved you since the introduction of Vagina Arms and now you're on my favorite radio show! It's like a perfect little storm of awesome.


I heard it and thought it was great! I loved TAL for dedicating a show to this topic.


SHUTTHEFUCKUP! Rich and This American Life--together!?! amazing. right on, rich. rightfuckingon!


Just listened - loved it! Congratulations!


I heard this on TAL and it totally blew me away!!!!

I was so happy to hear you on TAL today! I honestly had the biggest nerd moment at work - I'm crazy obsessed with TAL and I've been reading your blog for a year or so. Basically it was like a very pleasant brainsplosion. Yay on you!

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