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Awesome. Just awesome. I could be jealous, but you're so deserving of this exposure. Besides, I'm a fourfour friend, not a frenemy.


What a great surprise, hearing your voice on my favorite radio show this morning! Congratulations.


YAY RICH!! love your blog and this american life so this is like total awesomeness. congrats!


Rich, listening to TAL while doing some lab've made my day so much better!


just listened to your segment on TAL - great job! congratulations on such a fabulous gig! yay rich!! :D


OH MY GOD. My intellectual, literary, brain-food obsession [This American Life] and my trashy, shallow, brain-trans fat obsession [reality shows and commentary thereof] are about to collide. Not to mention my heroes have conversed with one another! You and hot creampie Ira! Good LORD, this is a plot twist so fucking wild it's apocalyptic! I'm shitting myself!

prodigal reader

Rich -

I used to follow you like crazy when my wonderful roommate introduced me to your PR recaps. And since then I've had less and less time to spend online (not to mention PR is boring as hell right now, right?) but I was so happy to hear you on TAL. Kinda sad I didn't even recognize it was you until they name dropped the website.

Anyhow, awesome show, you still rock, etc. I gotta remember to check in more often...


I heard you on TAL and was intrigued. Great site and thanks for making it easy to find the 2 videos.


My only criticism is that "Good God, Brooke" didn't make it into the podcast... it could have made a nice closing argument (?)


I wish more people would watch these videos. Well done!


You and Ira Glass! I hadn't read this post when I was listening last night and jumped out of bed when I heard your name! Congratulations! I feel like such a proud mom.

Matt Winchester

I hope you've noticed that Amazing Race has a premiere for Season 15 where one of the racers (Lance) says (verbatim): "I'm not here to make friends".

It is sad to see a good show turn to unaware self-parody.


Listening now. I have not heard of your youtube video until now. I thought I was the only person on earth who noticed this phenomenon. Thanks for verbalizing it for me. It's cracking me up.

that's Mrs. Nigel Barker to you

So impressed! Initially I felt a little weird about worlds crossing but the piece was perfect! It was like a baby step for the outside world into the world of fourfour :P High five!

Daffyd K Jones

Heard the piece on TAL, and thought I'd drop by. Hi!


I've been listening to TAL for a long time now, and you are a new discovery that I just adore. Hearing you on the podcast this week was like chocolate in my peanut butter! Great job, dude.

Colleen in MA

I didn't realize that was your piece on TAL until Ira Glass spelled out your blog address. So then I had to listen again. Fun! I hope you get to contribute to TAL again.


Did you approve of US Weekly using this video? I just got a newsletter from them and it linked me to this video but didn't give you credit or a link back. Good thing you embedded it at the end!


I enjoyed your piece about "Not here to make friends..." very much. I think you hinted at this, but I want to confirm something: I have worked in several places (including in professional - technical settings) where the boss actually said to me, other staff or the entire staff "I'm not here to make friends..." and then goes on about how the job and the task are the most important thing. Of course (and in time) this same boss makes nicey-nice to try to find out why the staff is not happy, cannot work together, get the task done, etc. Wonder why everybody hates the job and the boss? Just wanted to let you know grown people are actually this stupid in real life as well as on reality TV.


What about "losing the dead weight"? I hear that quite a bit as well.

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That is the most ever-heard phrase on history of TV! Amazing! I think every reality show has at least one person saying that on each episode!


Rich - I just listened to your TAL piece. I felt so proud for you! Congratulations, you were great!


New tshirt from ThinkGeek with this mantra on it, "Not here to make friends". Wasn't sure if you knew but thought you might find it interesting.

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