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I must make a confession. Last night I was annoyed with you because there was not a new Pot Psychology over on Jezebel. But all of that anger melted away about 10 minutes ago when I heard you on TAL!!!! Holy shit, my brain nearly melted from the delight overload. I'm so happy for you! Congrats!


Loved ya on TAL! Very astute observations on the INHTMF phenom.

hester p

let me just repeat what everyone else has already posted: AWESOME and CONGRATULATIONS!


I can't freaking wait to hear it!!!! YAY!


Ah! This is like my two favorite things put together! Amazing.


Just wanted to say Congratulations on your latest project! :D


I tuned into TAL in the middle of your segment and I had no idea it was you and was immediately outraged. "Who is this? Why are they ripping off Rich! He's been talking about this forever!" Then when Ira came in at the end and said it was you, I was so excited. Congratulations!


Good on ya, Rich!


i heard you on this american life this afternoon and i am very excited for you. it's a great show and you were great on it. congratulations.


Rich...i am sitting around my house, getting things ready to move...listening to TAL and i hear your voice... i turned up the volume and it was you, it was really you!! I loved the peice, but I had read it before befroe your commentary was wonderful. I am writng to ira now how much I loved it. One of his mentors, Bob Edwards is a friedns of mine. you...


Your piece was great. Classic Rich. If they don't pick you up to do more pieces, I would be very surprised. You're movin' on up!


Super cool! I actually know Jane a little from when she lived in Chicago, and I hope she treated you right!


Oh and how timely is this since newBianca on ANTM said "I'm not here to be making friendships" - a new twist!


I've been a huge fan of yours for a few years now, and I was listening to TAL in the background this morning and thought I heard a somewhat familiar voice...Two of my favorite sources for smiles all in one broadcast. Congratulations! To be featured on TAL is a a distant dream of mine, so I'll just live vicariously through your much-better-worded life...


oh, man, i love This American Life! i can't wait to hear the episode! congratulations, rich!

also, i look forward to your first review of cycle 13 ANTM. ever since i found out about your reviews, i get even more excited when the show comes back. i think i prefer reading your posts than watching the actual show.


I am listening to This American Life right now! I heard your name and I was like whaaaaaaaaaaa? and then as soon as I heard you start reading, I knew it was your voice! Awesome! Congratulation!


There I was, just doin' my dishes and listening to the radio this morning and, all of the sudden, I was like "Wait...Rich?On This American Life? How cool!"

Honestly, I felt as if my friend were on the radio. Good for you! I hope it brings the site lots of good exposure!


I was driving when you were on. I had to keep driving so I could hear the whole thing. Congrats!


Yes! I just heard you on TAL! Next time, a story on Winston- the theme will be animals that have inspired many


I'm with "ihaveneverbeforeinmylifeyelledatagirllikethis" Is this the project you mentioned a few months ago? Listening to TAL right now, I realize after 10 years, this show DESPERATELY needs more pop culture. I nominate Rich as the next regular contributor.


Just listened to tal, you were GREAT! Congratulations, I'm sure winston is proud


I'm listening to you on the TAL podcast right now - it's so so good and funny and smart! AND you managed to include my favorite quote, from Jade, "This is not America's Next Top Best Friend!" Congratulations!


Excellent excellent story.
Well done.
Congrats congrats congrats.


Can't wait to hear it!
Maybe Winston will make an appearance? :)

John R

Head exploding.

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