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September 30, 2009



I always like to read your reviews. Even though I disagree with this one (I love Memoirs and think E=MC2 was terrible), you know Mariah very well and always give her albums a shot. I do think she always aims to please, and that's why she did this in response to critics of her last record. This is a love it or hate it CD in my opinion.


Have you read American Psycho lately??? ;-)


But how do you feel about Candy Bling?


Aww, I've been waiting a week for you to post your review, and I'm disappointed you don't love the album as much as I do. This is my favorite Mimi album since Fantasy.

Finally, NO guest rappers. Finally, she is singing in her range, working with what she has now. For the most part, she's not singing painfully waaaay out of her range like she did on Emancipation. There's so many laid back songs, and catchy at the same time. And the lyrics? "Duncan Hines yellow cake"? Hilarious.


So many things you say are true and only a (honest and true) Mariah fan would be able to analyze her music so well.

But to be honest, I'm getting a little sick/tired of her whispering through a series of slow-jams. The girl needs to produce a dance album stat.


It's "See right through you" on "Obsessed," not "Seeing."

And I love that line you quote from "HATEU." Nice imagery but also explanation; new life in a cliche, as you wrote.

No mention of "Candy Bling" (best Janet track she never made) or "Bethca Gon Know" (also breathes new life into cliche)?

What are the 6 songs you rank among the best of her career?


I love this album so very much. So much better than E=MC2, in my opinion.

My favorite line is, "If we were two Lego blocks, even the Harvard University graduating class of 2010 couldn't put us back together again"


He did mention "Betcha Gon Know", for real for real. But I was also surprised at no mention of "Candy Bling", definitely one of the best tracks on the album.


I like the album a lot more than you did, but I still love to hear your take on Mariah. It almost feels like you know her personally.


eh, i dunno, rich.
This album is pretty great. It's way better than E=MC2, and i love the sound of it, and the fact that she doesnt have any guest rappers. some of the melodies are not immediately recognizable, making it not an album of hits, but something that will probably have more longevity.
It reminds me of Butterfly in that way...


Memoirs is great. E=MC2 was all right, but in no way better than this album.


I've been listening to this CD for about a week and I definitely like a handful of the tracks -- H.A.T.E.U. is great -- but ultimately feel there's a lot to be desired. The reason I like all the slow jams on 'Butterfly' is b/c there were some great tracks from left field, like 'Beautiful Ones.' This album's a little too calculated for me, but the most consistent track-for-track since 'Butterfly' ... no faux gospel or lame 90s-style filler (OOC, anyone?) and I don't hate any one track enough to skip it.

Account Deleted

I love Memoirs and I am probably in the minority of people that enjoyed Glitter as well (I am NOT ashamed). But I do believe people still live on the old expectations of what or who Mariah Carey should be. She is given this gift and people expect her to just come out with power ballads and hits that made her a part of musical history.
I enjoy my Mariah - light and frilly, just like her Hello Kitty/Butterfly persona...


I KNEW we'd agree on a favorite track!


"Obsessed" is THE single of 2009 with "Up Out My Face" its worthy sequel. The rest of the album is just boring. I am really disappointed with the results. It looks like she will not hit #1 next week according to Billboard and may even fall behind Barbra Streisand and enter at #3. Great chart position if you ask me but not for Mimi...what's she gonna do to salvage this CD? This is where it gets interesting!


Rich, Rich, Rich - I've been waiting for your review and I'm slightly disappointed. I thought you were my brother from another mother when it came to Mimi. I implore you to re-evaluate your take on this album in a few weeks. This album is one of THE BEST she's ever put out - far better than E=MC2 (which I j'adore) - and probably 2nd to Butterfly. I can't believe you consider "Standing O" a throwaway when it's probably one of the best tracks here. And glossing over "Betcha Gon' Know" (when she sings "I'm A-li-li-li-live" I get chills) and no mention of "Languishing" or "The Impossible"?? But you're right when you single out H.A.T.E.U. as the stand-out - this is the best thing she's done since "Bliss". Mariah is the only person that can sing these songs - and not because of their range, because, to be honest, this is probably in Rihanna's range. But because of the wordplay and the melodies - they are next to impossible to sing along to and when you finally nail it, you feel like you've accomplished something. Loving this album to death.

Golden J

I agree with your review here, although we disagree slightly on some of this album's highlights (I like "Standing O" and could have done without "Ribbon" for example). The second half is mostly a snoozefest but I also really like "More than just friends," probably because it has some of those classically-Mariah lyrics that we both love.

I'm paraphrasing, but only slightly: "I know you wanna hit it like the lotto / then later we can catch up like tomato"
and later: "I'm fiendin for ya like fries from mcdonald's / I wanna be all on your lips like gellato"


and of course I love love LOVE "Up out my face" and the fantastic, Stankonia-evoking reprise ("BREAK!"). Even a nail technician with a whole lot of gel and acrylic couldn't fix us...if we were two lego blocks, even the Harvard university graduating class of two thousand and ten couldn't put us back together!


Mariah has been writing the same "we belong together"-ish song since Daydream. try "forever" where "we belong to together"was born. she foretells it during the bridge.


Off-topic but I can't wait to see her in Precious. I love how usually with movies, they make people look completely different using lots of makeup - she looks completely different because she has NO makeup!


I don't know what this says about me, but I was awaiting your review of this album almost as much as I was the actual album.

I appreciate your insight as to why The Dream is all over this album. My friend and I were talking the other day about E=MC2, and I think it would have done a lot better had different singles been released ("For the Record" and "Side Effects", for example).

Golden J

This album is DEFINITELY a grower. As in, between the last comment I made (yesterday) and now, I like it a lot more. For example, I'm all over "Ribbon" now. I still agree with you that the final quarter ("Impossible" through "Languishing") could have been chopped off, but I really appreciate the first half.


I've never commented on your blog even though I read it all the time. I agree with the majority of the commenters. THIS ALBUM IS GREAT!! I couldn't love it more. I hope you have a change of heart the more you listen to the album. As usual, I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks and keep up the good writing. :)


In fact, maybe the most relevant divide between Old Mariah and New Mariah right now is that Old Mariah sang songs that no one else could sing, while New Mariah sings songs that no one else would sing.

I heart you, Rich

I have had the album on repeat since I downloaded it Monday night. Still trying to decide. First impression, decent, but could have been edited down some tracks. On the whole, I like it. Could you imagine if she and Whitney attempted If You Believe today? **shivers and not in a good way**


P.S. Ribbon is my favorite also. I think you twittered about it for Songstruck, no?


Well your career can't last forever, I see her fading off sometime soon!

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