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am i bloody eyeball? Because i know you made that GIF just for me!


"(Or at least put enough gloss on them that your grandmother probably whipped up in her kitchen using pig afterbirth and honeycombs, to create the illusion of lip-crying.)"

No words, Rich. Still shakin head in disbelief over your genius.


Is it just me or does bloody eyeball look like a squeezed out, red-haired Joseph Gordon-Levitt?


I am not watching the show this season but am so excited to read your recaps. Hilarious! Thanks!!!


EVERYONE this cycle looks like someone else. I totally agree with everyone's comparisons so far, plus Courtney looks like Kim Cycle 5; Bianca looks like the original Bianca and/or Ebony Cycle 1 and/or Nenne as mentioned on the show itself; Rachel looks like Lluvy; etc. etc.

Also, why do all the girls have to wear flats at judging and any other time when they aren't being photoshot? Just curious what gave Tyra that idea.

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They are all to skinny, and all of them also not that good looking. There are much better girls on McDonald eating.

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