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September 15, 2009



Dude! Sundai is from my hometown!

...that's...so weird.


That gif wall that begins this post is the fucking scariest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. Seriously, that shit's gonna give me nightmares!

Anywho, awesome post, as usual. Look forward to Part 2!


Hilarious as usual! Great job.
I'm beggining to think that Bloody Eyeball's obsession with eyeballs thing was just a ploy to creep the other girls out so that she wouldn't have to socialize. In a dark-twisted kind of way. Just like her 'I want to go bald' comment.


Bloody Eyeball is the shiiit.

But personally I couldn't take Amber and her half-cocked bullshit Christianity farce for another second.


It's so good to have you back.


Totally forgot this part in my first comment, but what the fuck was with all the girls wearing flats all the time? I mean, I get that obivously their whole thing is about being short but come on, be realistic. Even shorter models need to be able to wear crazy tall shoes on runways. It makes no sense to wear flats when you're already short (especially as Tyra has called out girls who are a bit shorter before). And why did almost every girl do a weird ass pose when they met Tyra and the Jay's for the first time? Why the hell would you end your runway walk by crouching down? This show confuses me, but in such a wonderous way.


Rae looks like Donna from That 70s Show, or is just me?

Steve Abramson

this is the first time I actually stopped reading one of your blogs...

Pointer Sisters reference normally is cool; your reference just fuckin' sucked Rich.


awesome recap bring on part 2!

I am lamenting the loss of amber as if she was my best friend. Could you sound byte her jesus is my best friend song as a fitting tribute.

Did you notice that when tyra and the panel were interviewing Rae it was quite jovial about her daughter, then tyra abruptly says something "I think we need to switch it up, " then milks Rae's personal problems. I see Tyra has learned to broach subjects tactfully since having her own chat show!


I agree with Max; it seems the overall level of beauty increased with the removal of the height restriction.

I love Bloody Eyeball, but she's going down a slippery Heather/Lauren Brie/Katarzyna road if she doesn't CoverGirl it up.

I know everyone's saying Bianca looks like Nnnnennnna, but I think Sundai's a dead ringer for Dani(elle).


Rich, the whole "bloody eyeball" section had me hotting with laughter, tears running down my face, and I had to make a mad dash for the bathroom. Well done, sir.


Uh, make that *hooting with laughter.


Here's one for your jellybag. Sundai = Lisa Turtle.


Herpes waitress is Kelly Bensimon Jr, only oily. Creepy.


Love! I am excited for this season because of the shorties. It should be extra fun!

Vanessa M

Laura and Rae are easily my favorites. No one else made much of an impression. Except for of course---

I second the nomination we need a mega mix of Amber's rendition of the Gospel number "Jesus You are My....Best..Friend." I tell myself her schtick (or whatever it was) would have gotten old eventually and yet I lamented when she was gone from the makeovers with no explanation.

And speaking of schtick, I"m going against the grain and saying Bloody Eyeball is calculatedly quirky and therefore just lame. A wheelbarrow? Really? I call bullshit.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Your retort? Please marry me. I have a mind-boggling crush on Nicole (it's the red hair) but I agree that she's... pretty damn annoying. And thank you for only mentioning Jennifer like twice. Can't stand that bitch.



BUT I gotta say that I completely disagree with you about Sundai. She is by FAR one of the most revolting H&Msters I've ever seen [I think her mantra is: "Put a vest on it, is cute." Maybe I'm just not into "quirky girls."

Also, I'm so down with the Queen B.E.


Ahhhhhhh Sundai is amazing! When I saw the pre-show pics I was praying she pronounced her name Sunday and was hilarious and my dreams have come true! So glad you mentioned the "not the easiest life I ever lived" quote. She's annoying in a way I can't possibly be annoyed by. Perfection. Also, Laura. I want her to win so bad. Rae would be a good winner too, but Laura would be perfect. Her despairing face during call-outs was priceless.

Can't get on board with Courtney. To me, she's the boring nice girl who everyone likes for no reason. Oh well.

And AMBER. At first I mourned her departure. Then I realized that she reminds me of two of my least favorite TV characters of all time, Georgiana from Gossip Girl and Jenny from the L Word. That really can't be good. Maybe that's what she was going for?

Overall this cycle is amazing so far. More crazy than last time, and NO TAHLIA CHARACTER. I'm psyched.


Rae = Donna from That 70s Show when she was a blonde!!!!


Bloody Eyeball seems more autistic than Heather. Either that, or she's totally wasted.

"Not the easiest life I ever lived."
Give that girl the title already. Instant classic. Perhaps we have the next Houlihay on our hands.

I've missed these recaps so.


Raven, is, indeed, Emmanuel Lewis, with a sprinkle of Naima thrown in.


God. Just when I think you can't reach new heights of genius, you do. The Jesus is a human (.../divine) was my fav part until Bloody Eyeball made an appearance.


Thank you Laura for showing us how ugly an "ugly cry" can be.


Bloody Eyeball looks like Charlotte Gainsbourg.

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