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September 15, 2009



SO GLAD you're back Rich <3


Sure, please stretch it out, it's too short already. SundaiCritter: one of your most accurate comparisons so far...

Arrêtez avec votre accent français à deux balles, ou engagez un coach :)


I think the fact that they put the "shorties" in the carnival-like fun house (complete with fun house mirrors) pretty much reveals what this entire season will be: Making sure we all know that SHORT GIRLS ARE THE CIRCUS FREAKS OF THE FASHION WORLD. Heh.

(I'm 5'0" and listening to these girls talk about how "awesome" it is that Tyra believes in them DESPITE their shortness was infinitely amusing. Like being short is a disease. Bring on the inferiority complexes!)


is bloody eyeball gonna make children everywhere with bloody eyeballs go wow?


I've had a close friend who had to be hospitalized from a bipolar/manic episode involving religious delusions. If Amber was faking it, she's a very good actress. I'm more thinking a psych exam revealed what was obvious in the casting special -- girl needs lithium.

As for Nicole, I'd bet my right eyeball that she's got undiagnosed Asberger's.

Yes, armchair psychiatry at its finest.


Awesome! I paused ANTM last night and my almost 3 year old told me she was scared, and when I looked, it was that image of Tyra with her mouth open. Tyra! You're scaring little kids!!

I think Sundai is gorgeous too, but that new haircut is not working on her. And I don't like Kara either. I'm sure she'll surprise us.


I like eyeballs.


I have only been able to catch bits of this on youtube at work, but did Tyrant ever mention that Gia Carangi was WELL under 5'7"? Lauren Hutton was no giantess, either. And though they were from another era, Jean Patchett (http://jeanpatchett.com/) and Mary Jane Russell (www.flickr.com/photos/30278042@N03/2942042628/) were absolutely tiny, but certainly top models. There used to be a whole division of Elite called "Elite Petite", as shoes and lingerie are both shown to advantage on teeny, photogenic frames.

leah c.

Ugh. Bloody Eyeball is trying on some Allison schtick. But when Allison does it she's BEING HERSELF. I'm all about the pixie gayelle, Lulu, and the straight pixie, Sundai. Loved the post, Rich. Life without ANTM recaps is akin to crawling through the Sahara with only a warm bottle of Mountain Dew to keep me hydrated. That being said, what about Lulu? We need more of her, STAT.


Sundai is cute as hell. I love her with long hair; she looked like Helena Bonham Carter.

Good job, Rich! (As always)


Love your blog! Felt like I found a kindred spirit who says every single thing I think while watching Top Model. Just wanted to point out, I don't think little blond crying at elimination was unnamed, I think that's the girl with the tattoos sans fake glasses she wore at the audition. If you look close at the picture you have up, you can kinda see a tat on her arm.


Rachel (not so much in these pictures) is channeling Cory Kennedy, and it creeps me out.


Bianca reminds me of Ebony cycle 1.


Oh Rich,

I have missed you. Excited for ANTM recaps. I think it is going to be a great cycle what with French Tyra. Love the Tyra gif


This post made me CHOKE TO DEATH!

I don't even feel I need to watch it, now. That's how good you are.

Look, you even inspired me to plagiarize a poem:

so much depends

a rusty wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white
KFC bucket.


Those gifs are so awesome! Love!

I'm a big fan of Bloody Eyeball. Your wheelbarrow picture was hilarious.

Was sad to see Amber go. Even though her over-the-top Jesus-loving act was unbelievable, I still enjoyed it.


Tyra is so cruel - I was hoping she'd give the girl with no toilet a place to squat (pun intended!) for a few weeks.


Totally agree, was thinking this the entire episode(s)...Rae=Donna from 70's show!
She is from my hometown, her real name is Ashley...middle name Rae...
Why do they make the girls change their names? Hasn't there been quite a few instances of this?


I was totally thinking that the entire program! Rae=Donna from That 70's Show!

And why oh, why does Tyra and co make some of the girls change their names?
"Rae" is from my hometown in MN...her real name is "Ashley Rae."


Kara is Kelly Bensimmon (sp?)'s mini-me. Right?


Hey, Sundai's a pretty good stick-person cartoonist!

rob R


prodigal reader

As for the wheelbarrow, I did use a shopping cart (not a grocery store kind, the grandma farmer's market kind) for a period of about three weeks in high school. Some other kids used a wagon.

Of course, we were protesting the school's idiotic post-Columbine no backpacks policy, and but all in all, are we really that different, wheelbarrow-girl?


Jason LeRoy

Amber = Bubbles


I also think Rae looks line Donna and Raven looks like Emmanuel Lewis. But I think Bianca looks like the Good Morning America lady after she lost her hair to chemo. Way too much gumminess when she smiles.

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