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loved the scroll and the Scooby Doo gif, especially since you mentioned Scooby and Shaggy getting down and the irony of "The Perfect Family Entertainment" at the bottom of the screen. How do you always manage to have such perfect timing?


Bloody eyeball FTW!!!


Has no one noticed that Sundai looks exactly like Kristen Chenowith? seriously, down to the jaw, they could be twinsies! Is it just me?


Has anyone noticed that everybody in the world looks like some celebrity asshole if you squint? It's astounding.

And even more a propos of nothing: I cannot get over how inane that glamour shot of Kara is. The set makes no sense, the dress is malproportioned, she's in a ridiculous, awkward pose:

"Hi, I'm the Icy-Staring Monkey-Girl of the Amazon, and I threw my back out while trying to use this rope as a liana to swing myself over this box for no particular reason. Please call 911."

The only thing missing is Chewbacca. Does ANTM have a production staff? Does anyone work there?

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I hate all that girls, really are stupids, they have no any sense that it's really important in the life, they think in modeling as the most cool thing in the world, guess what??? you're totally wrong.

goedkope reis informatie

This made me laugh very hard. Especially Laura and her big mouth.

baby trikes

What a great article Bert. One of the worst things about this recession is how so many good workers like you, folks with ambition and diligence, how been sidelined.

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