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September 28, 2009


Benny Lava

I am in full belief that Laura is channeling the character spirit of Miss Mary Cherry from WB's Popular... at least that's my fantasy.


I don't know, Christina, maybe modeling is the PERFECT thing for a nine-year-old to be doing. It's just dress-up and making faces, after all. Kids do that anyway.

When Diva gets all that out of her system, grows up, graduates from college with a PHD in Bioengineering and gets her first grant from an international medical research conglomerate, well...at least she won't be tempted to ditch it all in a misguided, naive attempt at being a famous swimsuit model. Because she knows better. And because her name will still be "Diva Davanna".

Great recap, Rich. That fading Oompa Loompa GIF was da shizzle! (-ish!)


Glad Lulu is gone, her and Ashley's bitch-ass-ness took away my total disdain for Bianca, at least for a moment.

Erin takes fab pictures, but the bleached eyebrows make her look like an iced yeti in all the regular video footage. PLUS i still don't think her picture last week was that great - she had Rocky Horror makeup on.

Brittany I felt bad for. She didn't pose like that for the entire shoot, and they reemed her for doing that pose - surely she had a better "Best Shot." I think they just wanted to take her down a notch.

I don't see Erin winning, she seems to have absolutely no personality, altho it looks like that will all change next week.

I'm still rooting for Rae, Nicole or Britany. And somehow still Allison from last season...


Oh and Laura. I love Laura. I think if she were to win, she'd die from a joy-splosion


So when I was teaching my 3rd graders today one said, completely out of the blue "smize." I don't remember what I was talking about at the time but I completely stopped and looked at him and was like, "Excactly, smize." And then they all asked what it was and I told them and they wanted me to show them. So I did my best Tyra Banks expression for them, they all laughed and we moved on, but kinda weird how ANTM follows you around life.

Meanwhile, Bloody Eyeball has grown on me, Rae hasn't been as good as her first picture, and Erin's knocking them out of the park. And you're right, you can't help but love Laura, I hope she stays around.

Thanks for brightening my Mondays and giving me a reason to keep watching that insane show!


Miss Jennifer's Tips & Teats:



when seen from behind, the photographer in the gif-gone-wrong of laura/olive oyl in distress looks so much like vincent from season 3 of proj run! i was sent into the deepest reverie remembering "justify my continued presence in this competition." thanks for the memories, rich.


Awesome recap :D

Have you noticed that at panel, all the girls are wearing flats? And didn't Tyra use to flip her shit about that in previous cycles? I suppose it's also why she's also showing up in 5" heels every week. We get it, Tyra, we really do.


Your gif of Bloody Eyeball and the Oompa Loompa is just genius.


Erin = Mena Suvari. Seriously

Anne Marie


Kara is totally Denise Richards.


I'd like to help with that naked penis typing thing

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen

Hilarious. Haven't watched this in ages but love catching up on these recaps all the same. I don't know if this has been mentioned but I think Laura looks a bit like Caissie Levy, currently on Broadway as Sheila in Hair...


Not loving this recap. :(


Kara= Gabrielle Anwar

Account Deleted

lol at the last gif....Scooby Doo will never be the same for me...thanx for tainting my childhood memories.

Dandy Darkly

Diva stomped it out. Rich you gotta go check out her fashion shows on youtube and her website. She's in a giant bubble on the runway! A BUBBLE, MAN!


Can't stop fearing for Kara's left breast. If it pops out and runs away like it obviously wants to, it's going to be very lost and alone.

Laura (lovelovelove) exists in a world of perpetual kitten-watching, sparkly things, and cupcakes. Anyone else want to move there with me?

"Bloody Eyeball and The Oompa Loompa" is the best band name EVER.


Oh fucking hilarious.

I have only seen one episode from cycle thirteen (so far), but if I were to choose a winner, it would be Bloody Eyeball. She is my type of awesome.

Not that it matters much, since everyone on this show dooms their career, but oh well, if that is what they want, so be it!

Tyra Banks makes me cringe though. "Smize" is never ever going to happen, get over yourself Tyra!




Thanks again Rich for a great recap! This episode was a little dry for me, aside from Bloody Eyeballs hugeness and the oompa loompa if [that was fan-fuckin-tastic] and Ashley thinkin she runs the house. Shes a cunty lil model, isnt she?

im glad lulu is one, despite how much i liked her pre-tyover.


Thank god Ashley's getting the boot this week!


omg. were you angry when you wrote this? 'cause it's brilliant. thank you for making me chortle - great gifs and screen caps. i almost fell in love with antm again.

sado nado

ok so i'm confused, is this 'short cycle' trying to celebrate short models or that models can look tall no matter what their height is?

aiyy tyra make up your mind! this episode was all about looking tall, but i've noticed that they NEVER wear heels during elimination get it guys? these girls are SHORT! in this episode, Lulu leaves the panel with flats but enters the house in heels

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPkhrSeB20Q (5:15 to 5: 21)

sigh i'm a sado for noticing this

prodigal reader

I love Laura's blog. So so so much. Damn is that girl a sweetie. I think that's the first time in a decade I've read 'lol' and not wanted to punch my monitor.

So this new picture on my web site reminds me why rope is not in fashion… because it’s definitely not comfy. You get rope burn in places a burn should never be. I ain’t never seen so much rope splinters flying around, I think the stylist had to wear safety glasses. I think my hair came right out of an 80’s magazine, and I had more hair spray on than I did for prom. Lol.

I heart that girl.

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