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September 16, 2009



I don't like it when they get a makeover (Sorry! A TYOVER) right away because I couldn't keep track of who was who. Too many generic looking blonde girls this round.

Bloody Eyeball is totally calculated and kind of looks like the twins.

After the plussies, the blonds, the black girls, the beautiful biracial butterflies, the Naima, the tootie, the chacha diva, methinks Jennifer might get a winner's edit.


Thank you, Rich! You spoil us with your generosity.


Rags to Riches and Bene Gesserit in the same post and this is only the first (or is it second, I don't know) episode. I love you Rich! I knew that screengrab of Laura getting her picture was going to be featured, as soon as she did it I said "PRETTY PARTY!"


AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!! Oh, how I've missed this...


Great recap!
Are we sure Bloody Eyeball isn't related to the twins from some cycles ago? Awkwardness could be a family trait.


It's official, I don't watch this show anymore. I don't even watch for your recaps, I just read your recaps. I missed these.


OK I TOTALLY know where Tyra's coming from with the bleached brows. Clearly she, like everyone else, is completely infatuated with Lara Stone and thinks she make her own Lara-doll from scratch. And if not, she'll settle for La Roux chick. Honestly, I think the bleached look would be good on Laura but maybe no one else. And that's only because Laura is my favorite SO MUCH.

Poor Sundai looks like she belongs in a tacky high school party, complete with stolen booze. Red cup? GREAT prop, Tyra. The orthopedic underwear was inspired as well. Also, is this a new tradition, the pedophilia-inspired first photoshoot? Clearly Tyra is trying to hook a target audience.


Thank you so much for mentioning Rags to Riches. I used to love that show when I was little and could not for the life of me remember what it was called. No one ever got it when I described it to them as 'that show... or movie, maybe, with these girls who were poor and then they weren't?'


I don't know about anyone else, but I think Kara is totally Dominique's(from Cycle 10) slightly less dragalicious younger sister.



I always think I miss the show in between seasons. But it's your recaps that truly complete me, Rich. Ach, du!

Southern Belle

As usual, great recap! Did anyone else notice that all of the girls were wearing flats during panel while Tyra wore the highest heels possible?

Miss Lisa

Laura's baby photo is indeed pure bliss. I hope she sticks around too. She's a hoot and a half. Thanks Rich--you're still the hardest working man in blog recaps. Heart and soul poured into it every week. And Tyra: nice scribble scrabble. Next time, try to do your "best work," as they say in elementary school. I'm getting into the "tiny people" spirit here.


Your recaps are consistently hilarious, but this one had me snorting 2% on my monitor.

Angryfying Bianca with eyebrows... *dies*


Tyra becomes more and more insane with each cycle. Ty-overs?? Seriously? America's Tyra Tyra Tyra cracked me up. I love Rae, she is my absolute favorite, and I love Erin who was my pre-show favorite. Of course, Tyra had to ruin them with her stupid "no eyebrows" bullshit, but whatever, Rae is still going to win. Unless Tyra decides that she can knock off the first Asian/short winner off with one shot and gives the title to Jennifer.


anyone else think erin looks like mena suvari? anyway, i'm rooting for laura, i already love her! she sort of looks like that one VS model, doutzen kroes


Erin reminds me of Brooke (the high school girl Tyra eliminated on her graduation day - and then mocked.

Oh I got down to where you think so also.

I did NOT like Jennifer's pics; she is much more attractive than in those pics.

Does anyone else think Tyra is fueling racist attitudes - by so consistently play up the (often bald) black girl as a total b-tch?


few things in life give me greater pleasure than this motherfucking recap! thank you!


Dune references? Rich, you may be as big a gay nerd as I am.

I didn't watch ANTM last cycle and I've not been watching it so far this cycle yet I still come here every Monday looking for your recaps. Those are so much more enjoyable than having to actually listen to Tyra and the Js.


The do-rags were certainly not flattering, but did the job of hiding their too-early makeovers before they were revealed.

I love how Tyra channeled Strongbad from HomestarRunner in her Ty-overs drawings. Or Perez Hilton.


"The possibilities are endless, but more importantly, the possibilities are Tyra."

Never a truer phrase has been uttered about this show. Brilliant as always!!!


I totally agree! Erin does equal Brooke from cycle 7, just minus the personality (so far). And is it wrong that Bianca reminds me of Robert Downey Jr? I have NO idea why...





I think the etch and sketch thing is named the "Tyra-strator" so it would go a long with the whole Laura being a cow castrator thing... I feel like Tyra would do something like that haha


I don't see Sundai as Chilli, I don't. I see her as a classmate, who, ironically, had almost the same exact name.

Vanessa M

Although we all do it anymore, there is an art to dropping semi-obscure pop culture references. And you Rich have it. The freaking Bene Gesserit? ("I will not fear. Fear is the mindkiller.")

Speaking of fear, I fear the Ann clip doesn't work. Sad.

I can't tell if you mean "Yay, Erin reminds me of Brooke" or "Yay, Erin will go home on the heels of Tyra chastising her for having the temerity to be sad over missing her graduation."

I used to get happy when Miss Jay showed up for runway teaches. I have no more happy for Miss Jay's presence now.

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