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where is mission impossible III (calling when he has the rabbit food, no signal!)


Speaking of horror, have you seen this twisted and absurd thing? The Human Centipede:


Just to reiterate what everyone else has said, this was great.
Sad you didn't include the House on Haunted Hill remakes...cell phones won't work because the house doesn't want them to!


Whenever It Get's Creeper and your cant get a signal, tie your shoes and then run!

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Loved it! If only Nancy had used a cell phone instead of a landline in A Nightmare on Elm Street/New Nightmare...

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This other kind of scene where we can find charactes in a situation like that, but I think there are more variations in other dramas.

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Well I guess the cat's out of the bag with the no signal gag. Its a staple of the modern day horror flick :)

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I've read four and I'm reading through them fast. I hope they do a reprint as I cannot find the other five anywhere. Please reprint them. Having commissioned these specially as a collectable only would be a pity.

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Waiting for the movie where the cell phone works.

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I didn't find it to be very good though. It was far too jokey in a self-consious sort of way and revealed more in what she was not telling than she does with the stories she chooses to relate, if that makes sense

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As an anthro-archaeology geek, of course I'm gonna love this post. I'm no small Herzog fan either. Thanks for this.

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I'll trade you ted's aviators for a mike jackson wig; okay, okay, I'll throw in the nail clippers and 2 pages of the 15th manifesto.

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Well, the victims get the money, if at a price that might not be worth it like you say.

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have often wondered how much righteous outrage against Vietnam there would have been by those bright young college students had there been no draft and they were not threatened with the possibility of maybe ending up over there.

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We have become the British Empire and these wars will take us down as a nation. The poor have nothing to lose but it's a real pity the middle class has to go down.

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now you've got me jonesing for some posole. sounds really good, Vivian and looks even better.

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Thank you so much for posting this, and for taking the time to visit Occupy L.A. I have been supporting the Occupy movement since the beginning through social media, but I haven't visited in person yet. I am optimistic and happy about the movement.

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