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September 14, 2009



Thank you for all the Beyonce gifs!


Yep, the gifs are brilliant. Can't get over how plasticized Jermaine looks.


Your commentary is so fantastic! Much better than the show itself, without a doubt.

Katie B

During Madonna's intro, I'd wondered if Joe was in the audience. Lo, he was. Awk...weird? No, not for him.

The whole Pink performance seemed so wanting to soak up attention, no one is ever going to remember that shit. It almost seemed cruel to allow her to do that, all of which I did with my friends on a bar during recess when we were six. The only diff was we weren't hoisted up hoping anyone would give a shit.

I was surprised after last year that they've even have Russell Brand back (everything just fell FLAT). But worse than FLAT was Katy Perry, who was there just as well. As my husband says, she's great when we're outside smoking & can't hear her. Which is to say, lovely tits, but, NEXT?

Account Deleted

Once again a thorough review which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. No, need to watch it now since it would not be nearly as much fun as this post!


anyone have a link to janet's performance? i wasn't able to watch...


No love for Brand???!? How sad!


Who was in the body glitter?

It looks like Of Montreal, but it can't be ... right?


Was Lady Gaga lip-syncing? We actually thought she was singing. It seemed like more people were - even Pink!?

I am so disappointed at the MJ tribute. I really expected (hoped?) for much more from Janet. I liked what she gave us though although it looked like she has a hard time getting up.

Russel Brand is terrible.

Good recap!

Katie R.

I think you are too hard on Taylor Swift. She totally deserved to have her moment, so it was awesome of Beyonce to give that to her. She won, so yes, she should have felt entitled to have her moment! She's a wonderful artist, and a genuinely nice person so I think you are being way too harsh. Kanye should have been punished or kicked out of the awards show for pulling that. It was so incredibly disrespectful. She's only 19 years old, so for him to do that a teenager who is probably almost half his age just shows how infantile he is. Maybe they won't invite him back next year, but I doubt it. He gets the biggest douchebag award in my book. Kudos to her for acting like the bigger person. I love your blogs and you are usually right on point, but I don't agree with you as far as Taylor is concerned. I think she's very talented and deserved that award.




I too am unsure that Lady GaGa was performing with a track. The way she enunciated some words as well the pitch variations coupled with her movements led me to believe she was singing live. Also, the gay in me loved the nod to Phantom of the Opera during the start of her act (hence the fallen chandelier, and the variation of her melody to mimic Music of the NIght???)

A friend of mind commented on the desperation of Pinks performance. Have we really gotten to a point where performers need to transform themselves into trapezes artists in order to appease their fans?

Enjoyed the recap Rich. Wish more people would write reviews with such wit and intelligence.


Dead on as usual.

However, you forgot Jack Black looking like a complete moron and asking everyone to hold hands and pray to the Devil. WTF?


great commentary as usual. but i'm pretty sure gaga was singing live. notice she took the chorus down significantly because she can't hit those notes live and instead of lipping just changed the arrangement. the chorus sounded kinda wonky, but otherwise she sounded ok. she's batshit crazy, but i give her credit for singing live. her voice is pretty good. but, she was trying WAY too hard last night.


Now if I can just get an explanation as to why Lil' Mama felt the need to jump up on stage we can call the '09 VMA's a wrap.

Also the best moment took place during the pre-show when Beyone's bodyguard Julius attempted to body a MTV cameraman while she was being interviewed...that needs a .gif


Body glitter guy was the lead singer of the All-American Rejects. Here is a fun fact about them!

"The Peas are the first group ever to amass four 2 million-selling downloads. The Fray and the All-American Rejects have each accumulated three."

So popular yet so anonymous!


Thank you, Rich :D


Kanye West is the hot mess dude that always shows up at the party and everyone rolls their eyes, but is secretly happy that he's there because, let's face it, hot messes are entertaining as shit.

I live for your recaps, Rich, and this one was perfection. Thanks for not babying Taylor Swift. "She's young enough for it not to be completely pathetic." Word.


I've fallen in love with you all over again!


I knew you wouldn't let me down, Rich! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is NOT throwing a pity party for Taylor Swift. Boo fucking hoo, Taylor. You're bland, Kanye is a trainwreck, get over it.


Just because something is a "cultural phenomenon" doesn't mean it's good. I hate when people use the word "overrated", but, God. Enough, already. Beyonce is not Tina Turner. She's not even Diana Ross.

But, wow. Madge looked beautiful.


The way you feel about Eminem is the way I feel about Beyonce.


Well, it wasn't exactly equal-opportunity. Three artists each got 3 awards. Beyonce, Gaga, & Green Day.

Michelle M.

I definately noticed Pete Wentz laying it on a little thick during the tribute. I was tickled that you pointed it out.

Anita P.

I loved the Madonna speech till I read this. http://www.janetcharltonshollywood.com/what-really-happened-the-night-madonna-and-michael-jackson-went-out/ Not sure if this will change your opinion or not. It's sad to think that absolutely nothing in the entertainment world can be considered genuine.

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