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Rich, you're usually right about everything, but I know you didn't just say that GaGa lip-synched.


beyonce really had no choice but to let taylor speak... if she hand't she would have lloked like the bitch of the night.


Oh man, I didn't think Lady Gaga was lip synching, I'll have to go back and listen now.


most of your review was hilarious.

However i have to correctyou on one thing:
the reason gaga's "lip synching" is so "bad"

is because she's actually singing while she's doing all those weird moves. we're not used to people ACTUALLY singing, so its hard to spot sometimes.

but, you try to sound good while throwing blood on yourself and being weird and jumping around and harassing crutches. She was out of breath.

Anyways, that's the only person worth defending. Everything else, you're pretty much spot on.


What Kanye thinks of this post:


Wow dude I am tripping balls that that was some of the best shit I have ever read. I'm not at my prespicacious peak but I think I would have really enjoyed it even sober. You have a true talent.

It's amazing how easily one slips into canned explanations for something as exquisitely idiosyncratic as their own inner life. And I guess I am maybe being a little bit pretentious or maybe my innate sesquipedalian is leaking through - is it doubly pretentious to call yourself on sesquipedalianism? I may be ranting a little bit here but what I am trying to say is that these words reached out and touched me in a very deep emotional way. And I know you don't even read this shit - actually you are probably one of those peopel that check each comment compulsively and gets a little buzz out of each one.

Fuck I am rambling again. This is great great stuff man. IT IS TOO BIG FOR WORDS


I like that people are acting as if Janet didn't just have her [closest] brother DIR and be BURIED less than a month ago. She is strong. I'd like to see any of you try and perform that along with your deceased brother on the screen, acknowledging you're being photoshopped out of the video because you're here, and we can only see Michael on screen.

Her performance, while brief, was raw and full of energy. And although she did a misstep, she saved herself quickly (which I see you cut the gif right before that part). She knew what she was doing. Janet is a professional, and knew if she tried to add the part she missed in quickly, she would of been off sync with the rest of routine. And if that was lip syncing that was the best lip syncing I've ever seen an artist do.

If there's any Jackson to 'ride the coattails of Michael' Janet would be the last one. She doesn't have to, never did. Life goes on. Is Janet also supposed to stop working on the filming of the sequel to Tyler Perry's too? Nonsense.


umm Gaga wasnt lip syncing


The Making of Janet Jackson's VMA Tribute is here:


Gaga wasn't lip syncing, sorry.


I'm so glad I didn't watch this crap. I haven't watched it since I was in my pre-teens trying to fit in with all the idiots around me. I'm happy to say that I've never heard a single song by Taylor Swift and I really couldn't give a shit about Beyonce and her talentless ass.

I'll start watching it again if they start putting people like Beck, Neko Case, Nick Cave, etc. on. I'm disgusted by all the publicity this utter trash is getting and no one's mentioning ANYTHING about Leonard Cohen being in the hospital.


Great post. Thanks for summarizing the awards so well. I know its just ur opinion an' all, but I think many of us share that opinion too. Insightful and funny too!

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Holy s...!! we create monster!, and the most weird of the past years is Lady Gaga, men anytime that I see a videoclip of this "women" I saw a real strange behavior, we must to put her in a mental institute.

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