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Ugh, someone posted this on ONTD and they're ripping into you... :(


first off, i was out walking the baby this morning and i always listen to the most recent 'this american life' podcast on monday mornings. some cute dog and her owner grabbed my daughter's attention so i pulled the headphones off and when i put them back on to start walking again, i heard a story all about 'i'm not here to be friends.'
it kind of pissed me off. because there was mention of a youtube video that was compiled and all i kept thinking was 'dude. rich from fourfour totally did this first. why the hell didn't they get him to contribute?'
then, at the end, i heard ira glass say your name and i got all giddy because IT WAS YOU! and i had to rewind and listen to the whole thing again, without the anger.
and i was so proud.
which makes me crazy, but not in a blood stained eyeball kind of way, but more in a 'i should do more writing and less blog reading' kind of way.


@steele: A lot of Rich's posts end up on ONTD nowadays--you must've missed Winston's fan sign a while back. And most of ONTD is bitter most of the time. Don't take it personal. ;)

Anyway, I was going to say what Anita said earlier--but I too was disappointed when I read that Madonna read her speech off of a TelePrompTer (according to an insider via ONTD). And I agree with her--something so personal shouldn't be read off of a TelePrompTer.

About your opinion of the speech itself: I somewhat disagree with Michael's career beginning at age 11. Michael toured with his other brothers from local gigs in the Midwest to the Apollo Theater as a little kid. The Jackson 5 even cut a couple of singles on Steeltown Records before hitting the Motown big time. Sure, he wasn't a superstar, but when he decided to perform with his brothers, his childhood was effectively over. I also thought Madonna's part was way too long--around seven minutes to talk about Michael? I was bored before the tribute dancers (who were lackluster) came on. Of the first 13 or so minutes of the VMAs, I only liked Janet's synchronized performance.

But other than Pink's performance, which left me breathless because she was doing acrobatic stuff while singing and/or lip-syncing, I agree with you.

And I still insist that Russell Brand is funny...just not funny when he has to clean up his act for MTV.


Puh-lease. That was Katy Perry's Vampire: the Masquerade coven master, and quite possibly my 30-year-old bf from when I was 16. Every possible permutation of creepy!


As always, thank you Rich for getting things right. I couldn't bear to read any more "mean old Kanye poor Taylor Swift" reviews from last nights fuckery. Making Taylor into some pitied victim belies the fact that her performance was an F train ride to the clearance sale at the JCPenney Juniors department. But hell, at least the VMAs were somewhat interesting this year.


I agree with the Kanye bashing, but I feel like if it was a white man doing it or if Taylor was a different race people wouldn't make a as big of a deal out of it. But poor little pretty white girl (who's 19 not 12 btw) is getting told by a black man ooooh so scary and wrong let's alert Fox News!

Beyonce is very boring. Verrry boring. I think Beyonce fans such as yourself are very delusional. Yes, some of her songs are catchy. But three girls who stole choreography from a 1970s instructional video not wearing anything special, singing anything special, or dancing anything special makes it HIGHLY overrated. That video if done by anyone else would have been thrown in the MTV2 bin and forgotten by now. Beyonce didn't deserve any awards at a music VIDEO awards show because her's are always so bland and uninspired. Great singer but cheap videos.

Lady Gaga is only loved by gays and trannys. She only does thing for shock value. She's not doing anything great. Anybody can pour fake blood over themselves and would have got the same attention. Her fans are ridiculous to say she's anything more than an attention whore.


Russell Brand was far more tolerable before he became known in the US. I think getting a touch of fame has made him unbearable.
Also, I tend to feel he doesn't come off very well as a solo act. He used to be fairly decent on panel shows in the UK. Especially the Big Fat Quiz of the Year in, i think, 06 with Noel Fielding.


I have to agree with EC, I saw Russell Brand on Big Fat Quiz show and became a fan. But I've been embarassed by that fact since he came to the US.

I think what this year's VMAs have shown is that no matter who you are in this world, acting like an arrogant freak is a problem. People in entertainment need to realize they are not curing cancer. If Kanye never made another album we would keep living our lives, and most likely not even notice.

Madonna's sense of humility duly noted.


Gaga wasn't lip synching, homey. Check the tape.


It's funny in that I haven't watched the VMAs in ages, but I tried to watch my VH1 trash shows, but this was on instead and I had nothing better happening, so I watched.

As for the Kanye/Swift thing, I've thought Kanye to be a douche long before this, so it came as no surprise. Not a fan, never have been,never will be. His douchiness has always eclipsed his talent for me. With Swift, I can honestly say that I've never heard anything she's done prior to last night's performance, so I'm certainly no fanboy. Should it have won? I don't think so, personally. I like most of the other nominated songs better. And while I agree that Single Ladies was a pop culture phenomenon, there's nothing special about that video to me either. That having been said, I'm sure Beyonce had between the first and last awards of the evening to let the powers that be know she would concede her moment to Swift should she win. I do think you're being a little harsh on her though. And here's why... despite Beyonce beng gracious, the spontenaity was already killed. At 9:15pm, she was in shock and caught up in the moment. By 10:45, she probably knew that she would have her (delayed) moment, had time to do the run-of-the-mill thank yous and such. What was missing was that the moment had already passed. The genuine surprise and excitement that typically accompanies the win wasn't there anymore. But, that's just my take on things.

The big surprise for me is that I finally figured out (courtesy of your still shots) what it was that I was trying to put my finger on whenever I looked at Lady Gaga: she always looks like she had her wisom teeth taken out the day before. There's something chipmunk-esque about her. Now I want to see her perform with her vocals sped up.

Thanks for your opinion on things in any case. Even when I disagree, I like the way you express your opinion. And I can't wait for the ANTM recap!


Gaga didn't lyp sinch. That would be Beyonce.

Whitney G

THANK YOU for not accepting the invitation to the Taylor Swift 2009 Pity Party. While I do feel a bit sorry for her, because she was so obviously upset by Kanye, I also believe that Swift should know better than to take something like the damn VMAs seriously.

Also? LOVING the Labyrinth reference.


Perfect gifs, Rich!

1. Couldn't they pull Usher, JT, or even Chris Brown to dance in the MJ tribute? Disappointing.
2. I think Gaga was singing live. Her performance was a-mazing, but the outfit changes otherwise, bleh. You have to take the bad crazy to get the good crazy I guess!
3. Kanye's getting so much shit today that I actually feel sorry for him. Yeah, I said it. Blame it on the a-a-alcohol!

Sasha Fierce... Not.

PUH-LEASE. Single Ladies? A pop-cultural phenomenon? Really? If that same video was done by any other less popular singer, nobody would give a fuck about it. Thee women in bathing suit dancing in a white place. There's nothing original or creative about it. This video is overrated and so is Beyonce. The song is average and sounds exactly the same as "Get Me Bodied" by Beyoncé too. So no, Single Ladies is not a great video. It's just "ok". In a year, nobody will remember this video. Mark my words.

And let's face it. Kanye couldn't care less about Single Ladies. He was just pissed that the white and blond little girl won over the fierce popular Queen black woman.


I can't believe you're congratulating Madonna for whitewashing the life of a pedophile and for making excuses for him. So he didn't have a childhood? Big deal. He's not the only former child star in the world. Shirley Temple didn't have a childhood either but she didn't go around molesting boys.

She's also a liar. She didn't care for him. If she cared so much about him then why didn't she defend him during the trial? Because she knew he was guilty, like everyone else. She's lying her ass off, why can't you see that?


"And let's face it. Kanye couldn't care less about Single Ladies. He was just pissed that the white and blond little girl won over the fierce popular Queen black woman."

You're a racist, so you're projecting your own racism onto Kanye. Fuck you. Go back to listening to your lame Taylor Swift music.


how can you believe madonna was full of humility ?
how about not even madonna could compete with a death so to get the same level of attention she made sure her life was entwined with his at every possible opportunity during her speech and therefore garnered the thoughts and sympathy shared with jackson , thats why her fact about his life were wrong , not a mistake , just well played


GaGa wasn't lip synching.

Aside from that, good recap.

Sasha Fierce... Not.


No, I'm not racist. I'm actually a black woman. If it were Jordin Sparks instead of Taylor Swift winning over Beyonce, Kanye would NEVER do what he did.

He was pissed the blondie little girl won over black woman. It's pretty obvious.

Whatever, his career is over. It's not worth arguing about this scumbag.


I know Taylor Swift is objectively pretty, but there's something about her face that's always bugged me. A certain harshness that seems unattractive.

Anyway, tonight I decided it's because she reminds me of Renee Zellwegger- weird scrunchy pouting and lips.


Rich, I usually agree with your every word, but I could not get behind Maddona's speech. It only came off as self-absorbed to me. I saw absolutely no purpose in it, except as a reason for Madonna to appear at the VMA's when she's clearly too A-List for it.

And, maybe it's just me, but Lady Gaga's "red" outfit hat (top?) kind of reminded me of Jay's (ANTM) hair, if Jay's hair were a little more exaggerated.


I think you're off on Lady Gaga, it was definitely live, however she did use a live-vocoder as well. Eitherway, she's crazy. Not in a genuine, awesome kind of way - like Cyndi Lauper - who you know is authentic to the bone, but in a more planned out way. I have to think that she (gaga) at least has total control over her image and what she does, and in a world where image is everything - at least she dares to do whatever the hell she wants - even if it is attention whoring.

I'm surprised you didn't mentioned Beyonce's faux vocals that were peppered throughout her performance. It'd go back and forth between live vocals, to the fake-live vocals, back to live vocals. I dunno, if Pink can do acrobatics while performing live (I think the whole performance is from her tour, but perhaps it was just the outfit?), I'd think Beyonce would have been able to pull off singing live throughout.

As for Madonna - loved the speech, I think it was better than 95% of the televised service (basically better than everything except Brooke Shields and Paris). The performance was shorter than I would have liked - but you GIF'd the exact moment that I thought was just incredibly well filmed. That shot of Janet dancing with Michael was great.

However, I'd give Janet a break. That song isn't a new single, just a taste of what she's been working on. She HAS been working on her new album since before her brother died. Is there supposed to be some sort of moratorium on when she's allowed to proceed with her own life and career? If anything I'd think the passing of her brother would give her a hell of a lot more material to want to write and get out. And since she's back with Jam & Lewis (altho Make Me is a darkchild track), I'm only to happy to see her possibly make GOOD music again.


Also - Madonna said she wrote the whole speech herself, I'm not surprised, she knows how to be well spoken. She supposedly had a lot more to say but had to chop it down. I don't see the problem in using a teleprompter, she had some very specific things she wanted to say, why not script it out?

Also thought Russel Brand's intro with Katy Perry was too much - considering the intro/tribute, I think he should have made a much more understated entrance. I didn't watch the show live, so I only bothered to watch the performance/awards that seemed any bit interesting. All filler in between was gladly skipped over.


Hmmm i usually completely agree with you Rich, but it surprises me to see you hate on Gaga like that.
First of all, I LOVE that she is so "strange." It's all an act and she will even admit to that, so when you see her come out in these ridiculous costumes, you can't help but laugh. its awesome to see someone who gives a shit, but DOESN'T give a shit! Also I thought her performance was wonderful. I loved the Paparazzi video so much and thought she was able to reference it here without just rehashing it live (like Beyonce's single ladies dance, which i've seen a bazillion times already!).
Gaga's performance reminded me of Madonna's 1990 Vogue too in that it was truly inspired and theatrical, something I feel many performers fail to pull off nowadays.
Finally, I am 99.9% sure she sang that all live.

maggie, dammit

I totally shared this post all over the Internet today. Thank you for making my day.

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