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September 18, 2009



I like how during the recap the pizza delivery man's face came up when he said "hero".


Thanks, Rich! I learned something new and I picked up some new Halloween costume ideas.


Stranger Danger!


The "I'll kill your dog" guy is super creepy. It was all fun and games until that guy!

Thanks for the laughs!


oh and all this was re-enacted with hand puppets in class rooms across america. Thankfully, this post gives me the yes feeling. If only I could chance upon prime vhs movies like this.


WOW! That was hilarious. I mean, some of those things were so ridiculous. But the one who said he was shooting a movie was the creepiest to me. Ugh.


I agree, "I'll kill your dog" was amazing. The batteries in the gameboy thing was so convoluted -- I'm playing with my daughter's gameboy (why??) but it's out of batteries (huh?) but I have some extra in my car (who does that??) so can you come help me put them in (how harrowing is replacing batteries? even a dumb kid would wonder why an adult with functioning hands would need help for this). In sum, I love it.


Oh my god, "Hero" ... Get in the car I want to take your picture?? How does that relate to "hero" at all??? Huh??? Rich as usual, the stuff you find - absolute perfection.


Bad touch! Bad touch!


I still freak out if a car pulls up and asks me for directions as I'm walking around the neighborhood. I'm 28. That stranger danger business was INGRAINED.


The 'threats' guy is the best. He looks like DJ Hurricane with a Ringo wig. When I was in 3rd grade there was a rumor going around that a man driving a blue van was kidnapping kids all over Long Island. As a result I had recurring nightmares about spending the rest of my days in some creepy mustached dude's basement.

dirty blonde

Wait were there even enough kidnappings to have ELEVEN most common types?

As a hormonal gay tween, I was practically begging to be picked up by a strange man as I would play Sailor Moon out on my driveway

Olivia Newton John

The Hero Trap stranger is Dov Charney in 15 years.
And I need the Getting Famous guy to stop touching underage feet. So creepy and awkward from 0:30 - 0:34. There are no words for Threats Trap stranger. No words.


I have to say that the cop guy at the beginning is sort of 80's hot. Sue me. I'm at 80's kid too so EVERYONE always talked about getting kidnapped. How any kid got taken during those years is beyond me with all of this "education" taking place.


Kidnapping and fear of cults. It's a wonder any of us got any sleep.

That kid running away from the car was especially funny to me.


I heard about the password thing and my parents and I had one. No, you may not know it.

Also that guy who is gonna kill the dog is TERRIFYING.

Gnome King

I still don't know why I can help Mason Reese take his groceries to the car


if you tell anyone about our little secret, i'll kill your dog!

Jason C. Romero

This is both absolutely hilarious and absolutely terrifying at the same time. It also made me want to see Hard Candy again.


The movie directory guy looks like Perez Hilton.


Holy Creeper McCreeperson!


It's hilarious when the Being Famous guy taps the kid's feet and he (or she) sloooowwwwwwwwly pulls them out of the shot over the next few seconds.


i seriously still crackin' up over the "hero"...how the fuck does dude taking your pic make you a hero?? this is all soo bitter sweet...and nostalgic. please keep raiding your old vhs for gems like this, rich.


I like the pizza delivery authority figure.


Oh my god, the kill your dog guy sounds like one of my friends so I was fucking DYING when he came on. omg, can't stop laughing. I'll have to show this to him.

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