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September 21, 2009



Not first! Amazing recap!


BLOODY EYEBALL herself was in my best friend's studio art class this year. And, apparently, she is quite nice and does not mention the bloodiness/lack thereof in her eyeball on a regular basis. Which I, somehow, find hard to believe?

Office Girl

Every time i see L.C. I think Marcia Brady.


My ass Lauren Conrad is a designer. Hey sort of famous women: stop saying you are also good at designing clothes-- looking at you, Lindsay Lohan.


Bianca looked like a discount RuPaul.

Great recap!


Did anybody else think that Erin's eye makeup was distractingly uneven?



Oh my, I must've been drunk not to notice all of that camel toe! That's so hilariously horrible, or horribly hilarious. One or the other. And you are so right-- Lulu does have Lady Miss Kier face! I love it. Hope she sticks around for a long time.


Courtney was robbed!

Bianca sucks.

and the level of "campy" bad overacting by Tyra is insane. And any gal with a brain is going to be punished for not playing along.

Ms G

I'm sorry, but I have to yell:
I COULDN'T AGREE WITH YOU MORE about that damn Lauren Conrad!! I never NOR have I had any desire to get to know anything that has to do with her or the evil ilk that surrounds her.


I had to literally stop and laugh for 10-seconds after reading: "Or, as I like to call it, srize."


Bianca looked so Wesley Snipes in To Wong Foo, it was crazy!

Storm Keas

Mama Mama Makeup!


Sutan was the only likable regular left. Noooooo! But in other news, it is great to see Mama Makeup is still working altho I would hate to forever be known as the girl whose bloody hiney brought Madonna amusement.

(still, I really liked Sutan. Why?)

Courtney was annoying and boring. Bianca is too but is the cycle bitch I suppose and will hence stay around. I'm not finding much of anything that exciting this cycle but I do love Laura and love she's being given a prominent edit which I take to mean she will be around a while. Yay. Also, I will enjoy talk of smizing much more now that I know it involves jizz in the eye.


Bianca's picture was so awful that I can't understand why she stayed. She looked like RuPaul but less womanly.
And Rachel's elimination was just ridiculous :(


Dear Diablo Cody,

Please write a movie called "Jennifer's Wonky Left Eye" and include a scene in which someone performs a literal smize and then is clubbed repeatedly in the head with an air cast. Thank you.

My hairdresser looks like Sutan.

maria c

sutan made an appearance in the last canada's next top model. i'm not sure what that means, but there it is.

oh, and tyra, stop trying to make 'smize' happen. it's like she consciously made a choice that she wasn't famous enough, and needed to pull a rachel ray and colbert and come up with some word that would permeate pop culture. FAIL.


A Truth or Dare reference and a Gremlins reference in one post! I couldn't ask for more.


LOVE IT! Smizing is such a joke, I mean its real but those contests were jokes.

rich did you see the guys who went mariah crazy on oprah? one is on ONTD and is on twitter too, he's a doll. I need to find the ep for download to make caps for him


Rich, thanks for the recap!

Bianca reminded me of Donatella Muppet in her photo this week.


I wish there were a side by side of the drag gremlin and Bianca because you are SO. RIGHT. Dead on. Maybe you're trying to deflect the recurrence of the jelly bag submissions?

Awesome as per usual.


I'm so glad you mentioned the camel-toes! As soon as I saw them I was thinking "PLEASE let it be on the recap!"

I'm also pleased as punch you mentioned Courtney's eye roll at Tyra. I claim it now, and will always claim it:
That's why she got kicked off. You don't roll eyes at Tyra




Tyra actually spells her abbreviation of "head to toe" H2T, per her Twitter (which may be one of the most ridiculous Twitter accounts ever seen on Twitter). Otherwise this recap is on point.


In Erin's photo, she reminded me of Pris in Blade Runner after she's spray-painted herself in the eyes.

Roy: There's only two of us now.
Pris: Then we're stupid and we'll die.

(Which happens to be one of my favorite movie lines.)


I can't explain how disappointed I was in this weeks eliminations, or how many times I rolled my eyes and cringed at Tyra...


Now that your mention it, Rich, I've never found your GIFs slowing down my page loads at all. Obviously, you've perfected the fine art of GIFing to such a degree they're like gossamer, or those fine boutique-bakery puff pastries.

And when I finally DO visit Times Square, there's no chance of me getting out of your way. No chance in hell, buddy. Great recap.

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