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September 10, 2009



Oh yeah, this was on constant rotation when my daughter was in that stage. I even used to be able to sing (from memory) the soulful tribute to learning how to use the potty by yourself that Elmo's dad sings at the beginning of the DVD. Good times.


I needed a real genuine laugh today, and that definitely brought it. "DOODIE!!!!"


My entire office is now chorusing "I REALLY NEED TO URINATE!"


That's...that's amazing. XD


they said caca. isn't that "shit" in spanish?


I think I love you.


I hope those kids turn famous and we can look back on this.


I do a pee pee pee pee.

Miss Lisa

Clearly, dooky is the best. Nothing else comes close.


Did that little girl say, "when I'm sleeping the pee pee comes out of me?" This video made my day!


the febreeze noticeables ad following the post really answered some existential questions for me.


My nephew calls it "dropping a deuce" or "growing a tail". He's six.


Faves (in no particular order)

- The way green girl softy utters "tinkle."
- Dookie(y)
- Anything the one with Downs said


There was a video that videogum posted and commented on a few weeks ago - a silly parent put a kids first poo in full view youtube - and it was removed for a TOS violation. So, defecating and kids are a definite no no.

Erin K

That "I call it Dookie" kid is the BEST. I honestly tried to make my 2 year old start calling it that after watching this.

I WILL say that on the whole video they do this thing where Elmo can put the little potty wherever he wants. That ONE trick was immediate potty training for my oldest. I said, "sure put it wherever you want" He wanted it RIGHT inside the door of MY bathroom. So for a few weeks we had to be careful not to trip over it but he never had another accident again.

Weird brilliant Elmo.

"I call it Dookie!"


Bwahahaha! The dookie boy cracked me up. I usually said "number one" and "number two" when I was little.


The best bit is that you've put it on Daily Motion.


That was incredible. I seriously dribbled water down my chin when that kid said "I call it DOOKIE!"



Hell yes, this is the very ESSENCE of the internets. And CNN/Fox/MSNBC/Daily Show news.


I'm sorry - a bunch of toddler's all screaming in unison "I HAVE TO URINATE!" .. Rich, again you shock me with how much more I can love you every day.


You had me at dookie. Yes, yes and yes.


I was sold at the group chorus of, "I have to urinate!"


I hate kids.


haaha, oh my goodness! My husband posted this on Youtube/MySpace a couple of years ago:


Along with a Grover poops one (I think from the same DVD), just in case you're looking for more Sesame St poop shenanigans:



My 3 year old son is ENTRANCED by this whole video. At the beginning, we meet Elmo's daddy, and he's *creepy.*

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