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September 02, 2009



I agree to a certain extent; her voice sounds damaged and overly processed (almost robotic in some segments, I guess they had to really digitally retouch her voice input to make it passable), but it's still very very Whitney. Which is a good thing!

Most songs are totally bland though, lyrically boring and uninspired, and with pretty awful early 00's sounding beats. Million Dollar Bill is the obvious exception. That one just sticks in your head and makes you say "oh ohohoh!" the whole day...


The opening "ooohhh"s on MDB aren't even totally solidly on pitch. It's awful. And I can't get enough.


She doesn't make me feel like a million dollar bill, anymore. And, coming from one of her biggest fans, that saddens me.

The tone is there, but the range is gone. Will it return? We're hopeful, but no one really knows.

For now, I can't hear her sing some of her classics without cringning inside. The greatest isn't so great, anymore.


Great review, and I mostly agree as well. As much as I love the album, I love it not so much because of her voice, but in spite of it, really.


She does sound older, but I love the album. "For the Lovers" is my JAAAAAAM. Seriously, god bless Danja.

Lil' Matt

Aww, don't be so hard on her! She is trying, and there are a few good high note runs, even if it doesn't sound like songs from THE BODYGUARD!

Miss Lisa

Other than the fact that Whitney Houston has always annoyed the shit out of me, I am not a hater. I just find it sad that she destroyed her one incredible ability--you're born with a voice like that; then you train it to perfection, but that voice was a gift. She might want to step out of the world of glossy pop and try some jazz standards--something that would let her new voice express some actual human emotions.

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Did you know that Houston is the most awarded female artist of all time, according to Guinness World Records??? I think if we are talking about Whitney Houston we are talking about the highest level of the music!22dd


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