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October 16, 2009




My mind is blown. She's SO angry. I want to see, nay, MEET her.

Marry me...I can't get over this post. It's like...magical.


That girl just need a hug (AKA love) and now is too late,lol I still like her though.


Thank you. The Lord's work, here.


And also, Rich? You're gonna give somebody a heart attack posting a tombstone picture under a post titled "All Blogs Go to Heaven".

Because if fourfour went to heaven, it would be hell.


"It is rumor that she release this single under her alter ego Lola. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!"

The best engrish I've read in a long time! I like to imagine this is the description for some obscure Chef's Speciality in a chinese restaurant. Just add "served with cripsy noodle" and voila, instant menu!


She is not a happy camper. No, no... not at all.


Imagine my shock to find out that she was (allegedly) in college and not a 13-year-old girl.


Amazing post. As usual. Vicki is a one-of-a-kind wacky internet superstar that deserved to be memorialized in a way that only you could provide. Still I like it. Thank you.


Y'know, I have a blog, and I doubt anyone has EVER made a comment on it. Not that I'd take it down for that reason, but I guess I didn't start one for adulation.

Blogging carries with it a certain responsibility to understand that it really may just be the Intarweb version of talking to yourself. If other people happen to hear what you have to say and appreciate it, cool. If not, resign yourself to being crazy-headed and keep on keepin' on.


Pretty ballsy coming from a blog writer who gets heaps of adoration on the daily. Would you really write half the things you have if nobody gave a shit? It was a music blog, but she was feeling used. It's human-vs.-machine, and it gets ugly.


Jenn = Vicki??


I would feel the same way about prettymuchamazing if that blog went away. Although that blogger gives away music too he gives well thought out reviews and lists and playlists so he might be more justified to be angry if he felt ignored. To be honest I don't really read most of it so I'm just a guilty looter too. Most of the visitors for blogs like that are.


Apparently Vicki isn't here to make friends either (via her twitter):

"im not looking for friendships either, i got enough friends in real life lmao. but to me a blog must have interaction"


Wow her comments on twitter are really nasty. If she wants to shut down her blog it's her right, but to be belligerent and call people names just for saying they liked her blog... well she can get lost. A narcissist is my guess.


I've pretty much grown up in fan communities for different acts/artists that share files, and every once in awhile, someone will post something - their topic will get 50 views and no reply. Then the rant about no one being thankful kicks in.

As far as sharing media on the internet is concerned, you can't do it for "credit" or for people to stroke your fragile ego, otherwise you'll turn into a sad bitter old fool over nothing. You do it because you like posting shit, that's all.


This post made me laugh so hard! I'm not sure why because i have never heard of lil' Vicki or her blog before, but the broken english, typos, love/hate of all things pop, and super sassy attitude totally made my night!



Well, I guess I'm hearing about this after the fact -- further failings as an Internet hipster. (Also, speaking as a teacher of ESL, I would be very shocked if Vicki is not from some kind of "never ever land" herself.)

Golden J

Jenn isn't Vicki (too coherent), and she's right.

But those quotes are fantastic.


So where is everyone going now to download mp3's?

That site really was the best for new stuff!

I could have done without the TV/movies but the music posts were great!


Equally hilarious was her wrath against Adam Lambert during the American Idol season. Her rants, overuse of exclamation points, and alleged knowledge of who could and could not succeed in a music industry she was simultaneously undermining were absolutely deluded. Also, the underlying homophobia of it and subsequent baffled reaction when it came under fire in the comments suggests that she's probably from a third-world country where said bigotry is the norm.

White Chocolate

Just as long as YOU'RE not going anywhere, Rich!


Praise JESUS! MC isn't pregnant!!!...because if she was, MC might have to ditch her midriff-bearing eternal teenager act, at least for a while...and I would seriously feel old. My first "PG-13" movie was Glitter.

Also, if she had a girl, think about how many butterfly-themed accessories would be involved?


Rich, more more more! Keep posting or I'll stop caring about you as a person.



it's true that you really don't know what you got till its gone...i too thought her rants were hilarious especially when she would shut down the blog then reopen it, and then shut it down again only to reopen it. i think that she'll be back in some way shape or form in the not so distant future. so even though vicki's seemingly a major bitch, still i like. thank you for this post, it really made my night.



I was afraid that you were using this post to announce that fourfour was as dead as the new Mariah album. Crisis averted.

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