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My favorite will always be Rose's right on top of that. Brilliant.


Setting aside favorite movies and such, my favorite on its own merits is the Volver one. So striking, and not just because of boobs.



The Little Children one FTW.


My favorite is definitely Buffalo Bill. Ever since I saw that banner, whenever I watch Silence of the Lambs I picture him saying "fourfour".


CAN you do one of Taryn during her "in my dreams i'm bueatiful... and BAD!" line in NOES 3. best movie ever. right? right!?!


The Reality Bites one wins.


what movie is that banner from with the bare breasted chick on the ski-do? That looks like a fat Randy Spears driving the ski-do.

Tashina S.

My favorites are all the BVOD ones (especially the one of Ashley St. Ives), loooove the Myra Breckenridge banner, and the absolute best one is the Don't Tell Mom one. LOVE IT!


the Bjork banner looks like Diane from Fat Camp


Nomi twice, Ashley St. Ives and Brittany Murphy? Get. Out. Of. My. Head!!!



so many of these were great. 3 women, last house on the left, Dawn Davenport, the Almodovar & Miyazaki ones.


Awww... I'm going to be JonBenet for Halloween! Thanks for renewing my enthusiasm!


can you please make one of taryn when she says her "i'm beautiful, and bad" line from NOES 3. i'll be your best friend


Love Rose Lindsay and the Joan Rivers/Miss Piggy made my day once again.


I've always enjoyed your banners, Rich -especially when I open your site at work and am like "Whoa! Totally inappropriate!" (which happens a lot ... I never learn). Keep on being four fourly awesome.


I always love your banners. I still thank you for bringing the original version of The Wicker Man into my life. For that reason alone; The Wicker Man banner is my fave. Love ya.

Close are the ones from BVOD; Waiting to Exhale and Audition (that scene alone is giving me bad flashbacks).


I love how many times Gizmo/Gremlins have been the banner. The Requiem one is great but in a depressing kind of way... I also love the Grinch and Home Alone ones (I'm ready to bust out the Christmas stuff!) and of course the Kate Winslet one as she's probably my favorite actress.


You rule...your banners rule and I heart fourfour!!! Its so crazy that all of my favorite movies are represented in here somewhere. But I also really liked the one with Linda Evangelista -- prettiest model ever.


There are some really great ones, but the two House Party ones hold a special place in my heart, esp. the "I Smell FOURFOUR" one. xD

kyle t

I love "Don't Tell Mom Babysitter's Dead" cause I'm always sayin "I'm right on top of that, Rose!"

Love Bjork, love Requiem.

Lina Harper

do you make your own fonts? or where do you get them? nice tho, i like this.


My favourite is the Totoro one.


Love love love the Harold and Maude, Dancer in the Dark and Suspiria ones...nice!


I love these! They remind me of old movies! Like Adventures in Babysitting! Who in the freakin world thinks of that??

Kane Watkins

Rich, so many of these are flawless examples of your wit, and how skilled you are at "comedic timing" in media -- still images & text -- for which there really is no timing. You know where our eyes go when we first see your banners, and you slip the text in places where we come across it just at the right moment. Or you crop an image just so, to maximize awesomeness.

Plus, there is your exemplary use of just the right font.

Some of these are fucking art. Seriously.

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