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October 21, 2009



I thought for sure the Swan Brooner would be your favorite... and you seem to have a Saw fetish. My personal favorite - Angela Basset burning your shit up!


I love the Suspiria one, the Dancer in the Dark one, and all of the Nightmare on Elm Street ones.


The Lost Highway one is hands down my favorite. That guy is just SO CREEPY!

In fact, I love that banner so much that I often find myself walking up to friends and saying, "we've met be-fourfour." Yes it gets a lot of odd looks.


Which one is the Requiem for a Dream one?


The one with the crazy pilled-out Ellen Burstyn. Hillarious!


Love the Adventures in Baby sitting banner, don't think I've ever seen that one.


Ah, thank you. I'm impartial to the Princess Mononoke one myself.


The Requiem one is about a third of the way down and it says "I'm gonna be on fourfour." So good.


the Sleepaway Camp one is my favorite.


Haha, when I read this I said "YEAHHH BOII!" Flavor Flav style. Awesome, my favorite is "My Neighbor Fourfour-o."

Michelle Schoonmaker

hahah i LOVE the waiting to exhale and clueless banners


They're all so good! I agree about the Lost Highway one. Robert Blake was horrifying even before he became a murderer! Or a wrongful-death-er.
Also the Clueless one made me LOL.


I love how the recurring themes seem to be Gremlins, the Grinch, boobs and sheep.

Fourfour, where men are men and sheep run faster.


Now you just need to list what each image is from!


I like the one of Penny Cruz' boobs. Good stuff.


I second the need for a list of what everything is from. There are so many here that I ALMOST recognize, and then its lost.

My personal favs: "You're drunk, you're stoned, and what's more you're four four", the Rose Lindsey one, The Female Trouble one, and the Angelyne one from Earth Girls Are Easy! Awesome.


what is the one with mlk and malcolm x from?!>? its driving me crazy!!!

also, my faves are the renton one and the guffman one ( but not because youre boring!)

i think you should make a winnie one!

Storm Keas

Nomi Malone in Goddess is really super awesome.

the maljax

I'm so glad you posted these.

It's also worth saying that now that I've seen fourfour so many times the spelling of four is starting to look weird and not right.

Rob W.

"Right on top of that Rose!" God I fucking love that movie and that actress.


I agree; Fourfour looks French to me now.



Where are the images #187c (with the kid against blue backround, with the o's of 4 making his eyes), and 154c (the banner that is up now) from? It's killing me, 154c


By the end of that, I had to double check that four was spelled F-O-U-R. It started to look wrong after a while.


I love the Don't Tell Mom one!

I start a new job Friday, and I've already decided to make whatever file I use to organize certain things titled The QED Report.

Monica C.

I love the Gremlins ones - and I don't even like the Gremlins movies!

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