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marisol chow

Sirk deer always makes me laugh.


Um, I don't see any flaw in the very first Rich...


I didn't realize you were such a Miyazaki fan! Good on you!


The "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" banner is the best one! "I'm right on top of that Rose!" just brings back amazing memories of my childhood. I'm totally going to say that tomorrow at work even though none of my co-workers are named Rose.


the robocop one is my fave...

"fourfour objective 11..promote dumbness"

Imagine him saying it in robocop voice..



@gluegungeisha: I'm thinking it has something to do with Basquiat


You know what's really scary? These banners are reminding me of when I first started reading this blog, like 4 years ago. Crazy that I still remember these!

Corey B

bring back Nomi


blah, you have such good taste in pop culture.


I always enjoy when your gremlin ones are featured.

Guffman, Jaws, Do the Right Thing, Ghost World and Requieum are my faves.


Actually, The Descent, pure genius. And your girl from Hustle and Flow! I tried to rip this idea off for my blog but you just do it so much better...

Dawn Imholte

OMG you had the little headknocker guys from Princess Mononoke. How cool are you!?!? I'm getting a tattoo of one of those. Another reason to love you Rich!


My favourite is, without a doubt, the "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" one! Keep it up!


Is it A)Sad B) Pathetic or C) Disturbing to recognize all the films (minus BRB) in the banners?


SPIDER BABY. You should talk about that movie.


It's too bad you didn't post the titles of the movies referenced somehow, for those of us who grew up in caves and whatnot


Fucking Rose Lindsay! I love you 100x more now!

Where is the Rushmore banner? I STILL remember that one, I really liked it. Scanned through a couple times and still not seeing it.

God, that banner must have been like 3 years ago.

Golden J

My absolute favorite is the Nomi Malone one. Please bring that back!

My second favorite is the beauty pageant (JonBenet?) one - disturbing but amazing.

My third favorite is Pam Grier flanked by her neon silhouettes.

The gremlins ones are also great, as is the Requiem one.

Well done Rich! (the kitty disco ball one is actually pretty cute, too!)


I love your Myra Breckinridge ones.


You are sofa king awesome. You made banners out of all my favorite movies.


These are all amazing. I love the Christmas Vacation one and all the Gremlins ones but the best are the ones where you blended it in to the scene. Keep them coming!

Miss Lisa

Isn't life grand?


hahahaha you are really an artist if you did all of these for your site. I have been working as a banner designer for some time and I have seen good pieces there. Some others are pure crap as you said but looks like you have been learning within the pass of time. I agree with most people here and love the gremlins ones the most, they got that mix of scaryness and cuteness that make something great.

Donny B

2 from Myra Breckinridge? How did I miss those?

And one from Adventures in Babysitting?

You are my hero.

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